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Expensive Hobbies

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Expensive Hobbies Preeya 4/19/12 4:48 PM
I collect toys.. How about you guys?
Re: Expensive Hobbies Yoboy - Blogger Top Contributor 4/20/12 4:31 AM
Transformers action figures..
Re: Expensive Hobbies bagleworm 4/20/12 10:03 AM
- Aquarium (The set-up is pretty pricy, but you technically don't need anything after that. It's like an addiction though... you start with a little 20 gal tetra tank, and suddenly you have three tanks and a $300 filter.)

- Board games (At about $60 each, they add up! Those expansions are so worth it, though)

- Scrapbooking (I can't resist fancy stickers!)

- Rabbits (sigh...)

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Re: Expensive Hobbies LucyExpress 4/21/12 11:03 AM
Anything vintage, like collecting vintage toys but it's not something I do.

Scrapbooking is something I'd LIKE to do but it's expensive.

Um, I really don't know.

Re: Expensive Hobbies bagleworm 4/22/12 8:07 AM
If you can resist the temptation to buy a gazillion stickers and a ton of specialized equipment, scrapbooking really isn't *that* expensive - I'll buy a new stack of paper maybe once a year or so. I think the problem is that it's one of those hobbies that are really conducive to hoarding.
Re: Expensive Hobbies nub_cannon 5/3/12 8:29 PM

Modifying my car gets pretty damn expensive, when I play paintball it can get expensive and up there with modifying my car is buying video games which are $70 a pop in Canada (damn taxes >:| )
Re: Expensive Hobbies sweetTooth2 5/5/12 1:51 PM
i've recently taken up sewing stuffed toys again... i never realized how costly it is -__- sigh

Re: Expensive Hobbies remoonline 5/6/12 5:41 AM
Photography is quite an expensive hobby. Never realized this when I was bitten by the shutter bug.
Re: Expensive Hobbies bandwatch 5/6/12 2:58 PM
Tell me about it remoonline!!  Even a battery costs a small fortune!
Re: Expensive Hobbies krouth 5/7/12 7:37 AM
The most expensive hobby that I've found is marriage...  Crazy expensive.
Re: Expensive Hobbies Crazed Economist 5/8/12 3:00 PM
My most expensive hobby is drumming. Get a Roland TD-20 and you'll understand (about $5000). Module and brain expansions for additional cymbals (the cymbals are about $200 a piece and the modules are about $500 for Roland), recording software, drum lessons (got good enough to quit completely), sticks (I break a ton), speakers (I like to jam out loud; screw headphones), Demon Driver pedals ($560), and the random magazine and book on drums.

p.s. Prices are a reflection of when I got them and the various sales I was lucky enough to get.

Absolutely worth it.

Moving into guitar and already invested about $500.