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Google Caring About Bloggers - Just a Suggestion

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Google Caring About Bloggers - Just a Suggestion JoshuaCook 4/29/12 8:35 AM
With the huge issues of Google and Blogger releasing a product that just does not work, I have a suggestion. How about Google quit worrying about things like Google Glasses and other useless technology, and work on the tech that they have out now? It seems like a pretty common sense thing, but if Google wants to keep being a powerhouse, then they really need to quit forcing their customers to go to other services and companies.
Re: Google Caring About Bloggers - Just a Suggestion hollylu 4/29/12 8:40 AM
I agree - I am having the hardest time trying to change the appearance of my blog (Blogger). The help section answers only the most basic questions and they have not answered my question about the size of my header. The help section should be easier to use, and their customer service reps need to be more accessible to customers and more responsive, too.
Re: Google Caring About Bloggers - Just a Suggestion Chuck Croll 4/29/12 9:00 AM
Google does care about Bloggers.  Blogger / Google staff spend their time answering questions - when only they can answer the questions, and making changes - when only they can make the changes.  They let you answer the questions about your blog - when those are questions that you can answer (maybe after spending some time learning how to answer the questions), and they let you make the changes to your blog - when those are changes that you can make (maybe after you spend some time learning what changes to make).

The point is, there are questions that you can answer, and changes that you can make - all of which Google lets you do, on your own.  And as you do, you learn.  And that's what Blogger / Google is about - learning.
Re: Google Caring About Bloggers - Just a Suggestion JoshuaCook 4/29/12 5:14 PM
Really? Two weeks and they still have not got Blogger working correctly on their end. How is that proving your point? What can we learn with broken tools? And how is your answer the best? I didn't say it was. It is not the best considering it does not address what I said.
Re: Google Caring About Bloggers - Just a Suggestion JoshuaCook 4/29/12 8:11 PM
Apparently it has been THREE WEEKS since Blogger has been acting up. So again I ask, how does your point stand valid at all under these circumstances?
Re: Google Caring About Bloggers - Just a Suggestion Chuck Croll 4/30/12 12:01 AM
Blogger / Google is constantly breaking stuff, Joshua.  You need to remember, though, that not everything that breaks is completely their fault - nor can they fix everything that breaks.  We makes changes on our computers, that causes their service to break, too.
Re: Google Caring About Bloggers - Just a Suggestion LOTD 4/30/12 9:51 AM
No, blogging is not about learning, it's about BLOGGING. After five years on Blogger, I learned enough to make my blog work and work well. Now Google foists this obtuse malfunctioning POS new editor on us which is supposed to streamline blogging? HA! I just spent over an hour trying to make a post that once took 10 minutes, tops. Finally I just deleted all the photos but one to make it work.  

I don't want to learn any more about coding HTML or whatever it's going to take to make this new editor work. I want to BLOG. And I don't time for Google to pull its head out of its ass, which is why I'm migrating to Wordpress. Blogger has always been clunky, but this takes the cake.

Re: Google Caring About Bloggers - Just a Suggestion JoshuaCook 4/30/12 4:09 PM
This topic has not been addressed. Nitecruzr is saying it is OUR fault that Google and Blogger are broke and it is not. That is a lie and it does not answer anything.
Re: Google Caring About Bloggers - Just a Suggestion JoshuaCook 4/30/12 4:10 PM
That is bull and you know it. The Blogger issues are all Googles, not ours. Don't blame bloggers because Google can't do things right.
Re: Google Caring About Bloggers - Just a Suggestion Chuck Croll 4/30/12 4:29 PM
No Joshua, I did not say it's your fault that Blogger and Google are broke (and which "broke" are you referring to?  financially, or logically?).  I said that it's not entirely Blogger's fault that you have problems, on your computer, when you use Blogger.

One of the enjoyments of advising people, in these forums, is watching the cycle of problems.  Every day, there's something new - though you may or may not notice all of the problems that we track here.

Right now, we're seeing a flood of complaints about the New GUI, which is coming soon to be The GUI.  Some people can't see their dashboards, because their browsers won't handle the Blogger code.  Other people can't see their dashboards, because they just migrated a legacy account, which by default became their dashboard.

Your original complaint here was "Google does not care about their existing 'customers' (a loose term, that) - they spend too much time developing new features and products, and not enough time making the existing features and products work."  That's why I told you that they are both working on existing products, and new products, constantly.

And they do care.  Now, one of the reasons why you think that they don't care is that they don't spend enough time posting here telling you that they are fixing the problems.  And to that I will repeat, as I do periodically, that the reason why you don't see them posting here is that they are busy fixing the problems.  If you saw them here, they would not be fixing the problems.

And again, I'll repeat that the problems, that you and the others report, are not entirely under their control.  We have to take some responsibility, to ensure that their code runs, successfully, on our computers.
Re: Google Caring About Bloggers - Just a Suggestion JoshuaCook 5/1/12 7:42 AM
The broke I am referring to is the scheduling issue. That is all Google, so as much as you like to defend them, I will REPEAT AGAIN that it is not our fault and Google/Blogger has admited that. So before you preach the PR crap you brainwash everyone else with, look at your precious Google and see what they are really doing.

Yes, I think they don't care because there is no HELP from Google. They CAN AND SHOULD be able to provide support considering they are a large corporation. The fact that they choose to let people like you (who obviously are out of touch with what is going on behind the scenes - evident from not knowing what Blogger's biggest issue is right now) answer questions with answers that are meant to save face and not actually solve problems is terrible business and PR ethics. There are more than enough people employed by Google that they can do both customer service/help AND fix the problems that they break. I don't see them here OR fixing the problems.

My original complaint was that Google does not care about bloggers, which is obviously completely different than customers in Google's eyes. If we were paying Google, they would be much quicker to fix bloggers' issues. Instead, they choose to help 'customers' that will be shelling out lots of money for products like Google Glasses (which is obviously going to be used to military and other non public purposes).

Again, I ask how your obviously rehearsed response to make Google look good (you posted the exact same response to two different posts in this thread - shows it was rehearsed and at the ready) answers my question at all?

Re: Google Caring About Bloggers - Just a Suggestion LOTD 5/1/12 9:18 AM
I agree with what you're saying (for the most part) but not how you are saying it. You might get better results if you tone it down.
Re: Google Caring About Bloggers - Just a Suggestion JoshuaCook 5/1/12 10:07 AM
The problem with toning it down, which as I am not being any ruder than nitecruzr seems a little rude to even bring up, is that Google has shown that they do not listen or fix problems when people are quiet. The fact that I have valid concerns and this thread keeps being closed because there is no real answer as to why Google puts bloggers so low on the list actually proves my point. In this world, being quiet and polite will get you nowhere when corporations such as Google refuse to listen to anything you have to say.