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Delete blog greentea123 5/4/12 5:05 AM
My e-mail account which was linked with my blog no longer exists. How do I delete my blog. Help!
Re: Delete blog PoppySprite 5/4/12 8:52 AM
I would love to have this question answered as well. I haven't touched my old blog since May of 2010 and the email address linked to that old Blogger account got hacked into so many times, I had to shut the email account down.
I really would like to get that blog off the internet. Or at least the one (and only) post I ever made on it.
Delete blog JesusChristAaronPayne 5/4/12 10:20 AM
UTOS it off
Re: Delete blog Hermione - Blogger Top Contributor 5/4/12 11:22 AM
The email account doesn't have to be active in order for you to use it to log on to blogger. If it was your logon ID, then type it in, plus the password, and you should be able to get into Blogger and delete your blog.
Re: Delete blog hfz1111 5/4/12 11:26 AM
what if i've forgotten the email address associated with the blogspot?? can i delete my blog?
Re: Delete blog Hermione - Blogger Top Contributor 5/4/12 1:01 PM
Use the "What is your blog's URL?" wizard at
Re: Delete blog PoppySprite 5/4/12 2:03 PM
to Hermione: I know the email I used for my Blogger account, but I don't remember the password I used for Blogger. Wouldn't even have the faintest idea what it was two years ago.
I'm considering flagging it with violations until they remove it. I'm assuming that is what UTOS means.
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