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Blog not showing RSS FEED

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Blog not showing RSS FEED Preity123 7/1/12 2:19 AM
I recently switched to my custom domain tried to add a RSS sitemap for it , but when i add it shows me 15 warnings.Its show too many XML tag & the words shown are Parent tag & feedflare. Also it asks me to fix the issues & resubmit it. NOw I dont really know how to do. I have change the feedburner original feed address to my new cutom domain , but when i write my blog address to burn instant feed , it shows this is not a feed , it looks like a web page. Even the feed validator shows My custom domain blog has no rss feed. I dont know whats going on>Pls help me in fxing the issues
Re: Blog not showing RSS FEED sjpl 7/1/12 2:50 AM
submit RSS feed of the actual blog spot.Then you will be allowed to submit sitemap with out any errors.

Look here:  you redirected this blog to you submit the RSS feed of then it will redirect it to your custom domain.

Re: Blog not showing RSS FEED Preity123 7/1/12 3:09 AM
But I actually want to have my custom domain in the orginal feed source to avoid any kinds of problems in future. I even tried to burn a feed instantly on the feedburner writing my custom domain but it shows the following message

The URL does not appear to reference a valid XML file. We encountered the following problem: Error on line 44: The reference to entity "zx" must end with the ';' delimiter.

I dont know how to edit this , since i cannot find any such thing on my blogger template.


Re: Blog not showing RSS FEED sjpl 7/1/12 9:13 AM
Are you hosting you domain on any hosting services or your are just redirecting the site to blogger without any hosting space ?

If you are just redirecting then i think it is not possible to you to make feeds on the custom domain.
Anyhow what ever your apply for you blog spot will redirect to your custom domain will be never have any problem.

I did the same thing for my blog.I too tried like you but failed.So am suggesting you to do like this.If you find any other methods for feeds and sitemap submitting share it here.

Re: Blog not showing RSS FEED Chuck Croll 7/1/12 10:44 AM
What's the original BlogSpot URL?  Let's start there, and diagnose the problem.

[FAQ] What's The BlogSpot URL?
Re: Blog not showing RSS FEED Preity123 7/1/12 11:37 AM
Re: Blog not showing RSS FEED Chuck Croll 7/1/12 11:47 AM
OK, the immediate problem is obvious.  Your blog header is non standard - and there is no header records defining the blog feed.

What we now have to figure out:
  • How did the header get broken?
  • How do we fix it?
Have you tweaked the header, using the Template Editor, and removed any content?
Re: Blog not showing RSS FEED Preity123 7/1/12 11:45 AM
Thanx for the suggestion , but i do really want to have my custom domain as source address, because many time when i make a comment or add my blog somewhere , it shows your blog does not have rss feed , thought this was not the case with blogspot.I will try to fix my xml issues  because i think feedburner is not validating because of the xml errors. If u do know how to fix these errors , do help me
Re: Blog not showing RSS FEED Preity123 7/1/12 11:47 AM
I am sorry , but i dont actually understand what you mean by this.Can u pls explain me in simple terms how to fix it?
Re: Blog not showing RSS FEED Chuck Croll 7/1/12 11:55 AM
These are changes which were made by you - or by the blog owner.
  1. Are you the blog owner?
  2. Did you install the following?


Whoever installed that change appears to have ripped out some of the essential template content.  Whether or not you "understand" what I mean, you need to try to figure it out.
Re: Blog not showing RSS FEED Preity123 7/1/12 11:59 AM
Yes I am the blog owner & this meta content verification code was installed by me only around 4-5 days back , but I am having this since problem since i changed to custom domain .i.e around 10 days back.

Will removing this code , clear the issues. but i do have a doubt regarding a error whish is shown by feed burner that entity zx must end with ";". This is the error shown from 1st day itself , prior installing this code.

Re: Blog not showing RSS FEED Preity123 7/1/12 12:04 PM
I get the following two error while validating url.

Here is the link

Re: Blog not showing RSS FEED Chuck Croll 7/1/12 12:28 PM
For fixing specific error messages, for a working feed, you generally need to contact the support staff for the website that's generating the error - in this case  the feed validator.

Another approach is to look for problems in the feed itself - and with your blog lacking the right header records, it's easy enough to see why you would see some feed validators stating that the blog has no feed.

To discuss the problem better, it would help a bit if you could read my article, look at my example, then try to find similar code in your blog template.  I have my doubts whether removing the BlogCatalog record will do anything useful.  It may be a coincidence that the BlogCatalog record is located in the same area of the template where the missing code is not - but I don't believe in coincidences.

Use this tool:

Here's the necessary code, in my blog:


Here's the same section, from your blog:


When you remove that much code, you cause many problems.  You are welcome to diagnose the symptoms, one at a time - but when you see an obvious problem, sometimes it makes more sense to fix the obvious problem before spending lots of time looking for the individual symptoms.

Here are the feed identification records, from my blog:


Your blog lacks those - and many other essential content.
Re: Blog not showing RSS FEED Preity123 7/1/12 12:43 PM
@Nitecruzr....thank u vey much for your time & help. I would try the suggestions you have given but dont really know if iwil be able to do because of lack of technical knowledge. I seriously thank u for explaining me in detail & will just start following you.
Re: Blog not showing RSS FEED Preity123 7/1/12 12:46 PM
Can u Pls tell me how to find the line in blogger template which shows an error. Since i know the line number & error as given by feedburner & can see that in page source too , but since template shows different things , icant find the line which has error & is showing in page source.
Re: Blog not showing RSS FEED Chuck Croll 7/2/12 11:46 AM
Find the following lines, in the raw template code (as displayed by Template Editor), for your blog.




Copy and paste all lines between, and including, those lines.  And post them, here.
Re: Blog not showing RSS FEED sjpl 7/1/12 11:47 PM
I just set my actual domain as the feed URL for my custom domain and it is working .Does it cause any problem ?
Actual domain feed will redirect to the custom domain what's the problem then?
Re: Blog not showing RSS FEED Matti nescio 7/2/12 6:55 AM
and seem to be working correctly 
and redirecting to, but you still 
haven't added the feed autodiscovery elements back to

Re: Blog not showing RSS FEED Preity123 7/2/12 11:26 AM
Hey thanx for telling me this. But I dont really know hot to add autodiscovery elements to blog , because I dont know as it happened on its own in the blogspot blog.
Re: Blog not showing RSS FEED Chuck Croll 7/2/12 3:15 PM
The "autodiscovery elements" are the missing template code, discussed above.

Re: Blog not showing RSS FEED Preity123 7/3/12 11:36 AM
Oh Finally I added the link as suggested by you & now my blog is showing feed. Thank u so much.
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