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Unable to delete label

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Unable to delete label cinderboy 5/6/12 12:02 AM

I have been facing this problem for a couple of days now.

Whenever I press on the label button (pencil picture), it only allows me to add new label, not delete 1 for the post/s I selected.

Scrolling down, there is no such option. Do advise.


Re: Unable to delete label Terri Parke 10/19/12 3:33 PM
Me too.  I'm not new, but I don't see the Remove label option.  I tried it in Chrome and IE.  IE!? It use to be there.
Re: Unable to delete label DarkUFO - Blogger Top Contributor 10/19/12 3:39 PM
You tick the posts that your want to remove the label from, then click the label dropdown and select the label that you wish to remove


Re: Unable to delete label Terri Parke 10/19/12 3:42 PM
ok... I read some of the other posts on this topic and it's actually easy (just not intuative and the help instructions on blogger are NOT accurate.)

So you don't have to read through the name calling on the other posts this is what I did.

1) Select the posts with the label you want to delete by clicking the name in the "All Labels" box on the upper right of the All Posts page

2) Click the select all box (or do it one by one, your choice)

3) Click the "label selected posts" icon and then simply click the name of the label you want to remove.  

4) BAM, label gone!

Now, if your posts haven't been reassigned a new label they will be labelless and you'll have to find them one by one, because you can't do a selection of all posts with no label.  (that I've been able to do.) so re-label them first.