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Pagination on posts

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Pagination on posts jut 5/28/12 11:53 AM
Hi all,

I know there's pagination on the home page but I wondered whether when viewing a post item page whether it was possible to break individual posts down to have their own pagination?

It's something you often see on other blogs and sites and just wondered if there was a way to achieve it in Blogger?

Many thanks.

Re: Pagination on posts EggshellSOL 5/28/12 11:59 AM
good idea.....i also see it in many blogs but not in blogger yet.
Re: Pagination on posts Chuck Croll 5/28/12 12:52 PM
Individual posts are displayed one display page / post.  Are you suggesting that auto pagination should fragment posts?

Re: Pagination on posts jut 5/29/12 2:35 AM
Hi, I'm suggesting that there should be a method for paginating a post.  In Joomla  there is the ability to add a jump break line, as there is here in Blogger, but you can also put page break lines throughout a post to choose where pagination should occur.  

An auto pagination option for posts would also be welcome providing it had some admin configuration options to control where pagination should occur.

e.g. x number of paragraphs and px height less than x then insert page break.

There are a number of reasons why this would be welcome;

Page loading times would be improved, especially posts that contain many photos, as you could distribute photos throughout the post on a different pages.

Would improve visibility of most significant advertising, rather than a visitor scrolling down a large post and your most significant ads at the top disappearing from view.

If the pagination was available as a Blogger variable, such as, data:post.pageNumber then this could be referenced within the template to vary widgets displayed on specific pages.

Re: Pagination on posts EggshellSOL 5/29/12 3:36 AM


Which is a very good idea for long post  and make your Post look a little short (Even when they are not). The method I will be employing is in no ways a clean one but it will done your homework. It will require to include a JavaScript file individually in each post followed by a full rearrangement (Just Copy-Paste) of the below contents.

You can do this thing with CSS3 too,but the only problem is, it will not work on older browsers versions.

Let's come on the main topic::

Remember : Script comes at the end of the page,otherwise it will  not work.

1.Add CSS

    end of the Post or

     inside the Edit HTML of the Blog

    templet > Advance > Add CSS

Re: Pagination on posts EggshellSOL 5/29/12 4:02 AM
click on (1 2 3) which is below recent post
Re: Pagination on posts jut 5/29/12 4:55 AM
Thanks for sharing this Eggshell.

It seems quite similar in concept to a pic slider I've recently implemented.

From an aesthetics point of view this solution certainly helps but being client side it does have some draw backs.

It looks to me like it still loads the full page and then the css renders it to give the reader the impression that it is paginated via hidden div's.

Am I right in thinking the "Add HTML Code in Page" is what you would put into a post's content and then chop the posts viewing content up between the div tags?

If I could make a recommendation on this it would be if it were possible to create the 'activatables' dynamically.

some javascript to loop through 'li' within <ol id="Eggshell"> pushing index+1 into an array, then use this to build 'activatables' to n number required.

activatables('page', ['page-1', 'page-...','page-n' ]);