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Change Display Name on Blogger

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Change Display Name on Blogger ConservativeCuban 6/16/12 12:17 PM
How do I change the display name on Google Blogger? I go to account settings in the upper right hand side and it redirects me back to my google profile. I cannot set it to use my nickname there. Only my Name (nickname). I have searched through these forums, and out on the internet, and none of the resolutions have worked. So I am trying to contact Google directly but since they sit atop an Ivory Tower, there is no way to reach, email, phone, fax them. I guess Google wants the world to see your real name.
Re: Change Display Name on Blogger athousandmiles 6/23/12 11:00 PM
THANK YOU SO MUCH! I feel really silly now but thanks haha.
Re: Change Display Name on Blogger xxxdepy 6/16/12 9:06 PM

Go to Blogger Dashboard > On Top right of page, click on the 'Gear' icon. Now can you see 'Revert to Blogger Profile'.

If you have already done that then you need to edit your Blogger Profile. To do that log in your Blogger Dashboard > Now on top right of the page you will see your name with a down arrow. Click on it, you will see a box open. In that click 'Blogger Profile', you will be taken to your Blogger Profile.


Now in your Blogger Profile page click on 'Edit Profile' on top right corner. When you are into your settings page, change your 'Display Name' under the 'Identity' section. 


Best of luck :)