Music won't stream to phone.

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Music won't stream to phone. tcptennis 12/2/11 4:08 PM
Domain Name: Google Music
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I have a droidX. I uploaded all music to the google music cloud. It took a few hours. After it was completed, I open up the app to find all the songs/artists/albums listed, but everytime I play to play a song, it gives me the message "couldn't play the track you requested". It does this for every track. Please help!
Re: Music won't stream to phone. BuffaloParty 12/14/11 8:57 AM
Have you found a solution to this? I am having the same problem.
Re: Music won't stream to phone. Zonath 12/15/11 1:19 PM
I'm having the same problem, as well.  I can play songs that I have purchased through Google Music, and can also play anything and everything on my computer through the Google Music website.  No such luck with the phone app.

The one thing that I can really think of is that the songs I've uploaded were in Ogg Vorbis format, rather than .mp3, but I thought that this would not be a problem, considering that the Music Manager program uploads everything just fine and Ogg is one of the Android-playable music formats.
Re: Music won't stream to phone. BuffaloParty 12/15/11 1:35 PM
My problem was slightly different, as all of my files were .mp3. My solution was simply restarting my phone. I've had no problems for the last few days.
Re: Music won't stream to phone. Zonath 12/15/11 1:42 PM

What do you know?  Resetting the phone worked just fine.  How weird.

Re: Music won't stream to phone. ASUDave 12/19/11 9:00 AM
I'm having the same problem, with two exceptions.
1) I"m not getting an error message. It just won't play any of my songs through the android app.
2) Rebooting does not help.
Re: Music won't stream to phone. captaincarrot 1/12/12 8:02 AM
Hi ASUDave,

I had that too, reboot did nothing.  What fixed it for me was to force close and clear the user data for the Google music app:
(note: you might want to do this on wifi, since it'll re-download the details for all your Google Music songs...not the songs themselves, just the metadata and covers, but it'll still be a bit of a data hit)

Open settings
Open 'Applications'
Open 'Manage Applications'
Open 'Music' (not 'Google Music' as one would expect...)
Click on 'Force Stop' (accept the warning - it's not working now anyway)
Click on 'Clear data' (again accept warning)
exit settings.

Open Google Music app
Go through the Google Music startup sequence again, logging in with your account.  Google Music will re-scan your account and update, then you should be good to go.

I've had to do this a couple of times to force it to update after I've added songs or playlists, sometimes the auto sync just seems to lose it. It's a bit of a hassle, but it's pretty quick to get going again.

good luck!
Re: Music won't stream to phone. annm13339 2/9/12 9:19 PM
I just got my phone the optimus slider for virgin mobile and i did everything i was supposed to and i got that message from the start. cleared the data and whatnot- didnt work. restarted my phone- didnt work. then i realized maybe it was juice defender. so i switched it to the lowest setting and it worked! so does anyone that is having that problem maybe have juice defender or any other battery saver app by any chance?
Re: Music won't stream to phone. supertper 2/23/12 12:06 PM
Thank you so much captain.
You Rock !!!!
Re: Music won't stream to phone. supertper 2/23/12 12:06 PM
Re: Music won't stream to phone. Christolazz 2/28/12 2:39 PM
Also have Virgin Optimus Slider and have no battery saving app but am having no luck streaming yet. Every song I try to play just loads for a pretty excessive amount of time and then says "Couldn't play the stream you requested."   I get no further explanation or anything. I don't know if it could have anything to do with the fact that I am still uploading my music library? I hope I don't upload all 3000+ songs just to realize that it won't work :(
Re: Music won't stream to phone. Slade2star 3/28/12 1:09 AM
I also have an LG Optimus Slider.  I fixed the problem by going into the App's settings and unchecking the Download Via Wi-Fi only.  I think setting is defaulted in order to protect people who do not have unlimited data packages.  Summary: App>Settings>Download via W-Fi only (uncheck)
Re: Music won't stream to phone. Circaman12 7/29/12 8:56 AM
worked like a charm. Thanks for the advice
Re: Music won't stream to phone. satyr2k2 8/15/12 3:18 PM
This is absolutely ridiculous.. I have no music on my phone but tons of music uploaded to Google Music servers. Every single effing track I try to play, no matter how many times I've cleared application data, force stopped or uninstalled the Play Music application, I get the error "couldn't play the track you requested."

I'm sorry but I'm using an Android device (made by google) trying to use an application (made by google) from a server (owned by google) all wrapped up in a service completely and entirely manufactured by google. This is inexcusable. This is frustrating. This is, excuse my language, fucking stupid. HOW can I fix this please?
Re: Music won't stream to phone. OsmannyM 8/23/12 10:02 AM
All i had to do was turn on "Sync" and it fixed for me. Was having the same problem as you.