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unable to verify

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unable to verify livingames 6/25/12 7:14 PM

I am trying to start a google apps business email account. I verified my domain through a TXT file, and it says it's verified after clicking the verify button and in the history, but it won't show as verified on the dashboard page. Anyone have any ideas on what to do to fix this? 
Re: unable to verify Rob. 6/26/12 2:09 AM
Occasionally there can be lag time between the control panel and what is actual fact.

Are you able to configure the rest of the services?

Is mail working/flowing?


Re: unable to verify livingames 6/26/12 7:51 AM
Not able to do anything, it's still stuck on the verification part saying I can't do anything until it's verified.
Re: unable to verify LMcKin51-Top Contributor 6/26/12 10:17 AM
I`ll have the advisor to check on this for you
Re: unable to verify LMcKin51-Top Contributor 6/26/12 12:04 PM
The Advisor has Verify your domain for you. so you can moved on to the next step.