2 parallel migration agents migrate same mailbox twice

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2 parallel migration agents migrate same mailbox twice Durino13 1/31/12 2:51 AM
Domain name: gdmelectronics.com
Apps edition: Google Apps for Business

Problem description:

I register 1 mail database and I activate the database in 'Google migration tool for lotus notes' (v. 3.1.4)

Every 30 minutes, a scheduled agent in 'gmail-feeer-1.nsf' (the only feeder I use) is kicked off. It looks for the migration users in the queue and it starts the migration process

Migration is in progress and I can follow the progress in the 'Current activity' view .. It says 100 of 10000 mails processed ...

In 30 minutes, the same agent ('migrate' agent in feeder database) is kicked off again and it again finds the same person in the queue. The agent starts again to process the same user !!! This is NOT OK.

After some time, the 'current activity' view displays the first progress ... It says something like 150 of 10000 mails processed .. After I refresh this view by pressing F9, the progress indicator changes to (for example) 30 of 9900 mails ..
Then I press the refresh button again and it again jumps to the first progress like 155 of 10000, then 35 of 9900, etc, etc ...

It is obvious, there are 2 agents running simultaneously .. 

The result of this is, that instead of 10000 mails you would expect in your Google Apps account, the result is almost double (~19900 mails). This is not correct offcourse!

This is what I tried to do in order to fix the problem:

I have disabled the scheduled agent in 'feeder' database, so it won't start the migration automatically. Normally, I start the migration myself by running following command: "Tell Amgr Run "Folder\gmail-feeder-1.nsf" 'migrate' ..
This works correct ... I can see, that if only 1 instance of the agent is in progress, everything works. The problem is, that in some circumstances (e.g. after the server is restarted, 2nd instance of the agent is started) and I have the problem again. Then, I need to abort the complete migration process and I need to start all over again. This causes a lot of troubles for me, in case I migrate 12GB big mail archives.

Is it normal, that once the 'migrate' agent is started, it starts to process the same user? What can I do in order to fix this issue?
Re: 2 parallel migration agents migrate same mailbox twice Durino13 1/31/12 4:08 AM
After I have disabled the 'migrate' agent .. It keeps reenabling itself after some time ..
Re: 2 parallel migration agents migrate same mailbox twice jankeir 2/1/12 5:05 AM
Are you sure that's a problem? I have seen this once, but it appeared the 2 agents were migrating different messages from the same mailbox, not the same messages. In the end the migration completed successfully. 


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