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Merge google account and Apps account

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Merge google account and Apps account Ben W 12/22/08 7:10 AM
Hi all,

Here's the situation:
I currently have a Google Account ( and a google apps account (
Because of this, I can only access things like Google Reader, Blogger, etc with my Google Account, and not my Apps account. I would really like to be able to use these services using my Apps login, without losing all the data (including my gmail email address).

The question:
Is there any way to do this?

Additional info:
I already have my Gmail setup to forward to my apps mail and have used IMAP to move all the old messages over, but the gmail address is still the one most people have and is where all my accounts and subscriptions are (so I can't lose the address). I have a bunch of feeds in Reader and people who they are shared with and I don't want to lose all that data. The docs in the Google Account are already shared with the Apps account (the ones I care about anyway). All of the calendar data has already been migrated to Apps.
Re: Merge google account and Apps account Jim McNelis 12/22/08 7:19 AM
Hey Ben,

One thing I did with my Gmail address is set my Google Apps email address as the default address for my Gmail account.  When I reply or send out emails from my Gmail account, it shows my Google Apps email instead of Gmail, and over time, people started sending mail to my Google Apps email instead.

You can't currently use your Google Apps login to access Google services outside of Google Apps.  I created a Gmail account with my Google Apps email address in order to accomplish what you wish to do.  It is still 2 separate accounts with identical credentials.  Once for my Google Apps services, the other for Google services outside of Google Apps (checkout, adwords, reader, local business center, etc).  You may be able to associate your Google Apps email address with your Google Account and login using that email address when accessing services outside of the Google Apps family.

Hope this helps.
Re: Merge google account and Apps account techlover 12/22/08 7:22 AM
At lot of us would like a merge but at this time they are separate - see attached help page.

You can use Fetcher to keep your GApps e-mail account in sync with your Gmail account and if you keep going in the process you be able to set things up so you can pick either account when sending a new message.


Re: Merge google account and Apps account Ben W 12/22/08 7:48 AM
Thanks guys. It's not what I wanted to hear of course but it answers the question. I already have my mail pretty well setup using forwarding.
Re: Merge google account and Apps account MONK_DUCK 6/21/09 6:30 AM
They seriously need to get this sorted, having two accounts is really stupid.
Re: Merge google account and Apps account Ben W 6/21/09 4:49 PM
True. I want to be able to merge these accounts all into my Google Apps account (keeping my gmail address available for people to send mail)
Re: Merge google account and Apps account hndrpndr 6/25/09 7:37 AM
I have a similar issue where we migrated a customer from Exchange to Google Apps and now he has his Google Account and his Google Apps account is, but they are completely separate.
Re: Merge google account and Apps account spagory 7/10/09 10:26 AM
Sort of happy to hear this is a legitimate issue, and not simply a mistake I made.  Each time Google comes out with a new app, I often want to use it, but bemoan the fact that my personal domain account is divorced from all of these goodies.
Re: Merge google account and Apps account Shantidude 7/31/09 2:00 PM
Just thought I'd add my voice to the chorus here.  I'd love to be able to merge my apps account with my google account.  Anybody heard if this is actually in the works?
Re: Merge google account and Apps account XIII 8/2/09 3:22 PM

enable pre release features under domain settings and then when gmail users get new features, your domain shjould too, click learn more on that page for more info. or go here ->
Re: Merge google account and Apps account Pudens 8/27/09 5:35 PM
Hi! Anybody knows anything about it?
Re: Merge google account and Apps account bernhard.walzl 9/5/09 9:44 AM
I have exactly the same problem...

I have one account for google apps and one for google itself with my search history. They need to merge!
Work on that, google! Please!
Re: Merge google account and Apps account DesignByOnyx 9/23/09 1:23 PM
If you take some time to think about things, it makes perfect sense why you can't merge accounts.  Here are some questions to answer:

1) What happens when you leave the organization with the Apps account.  Some admin somewhere has the power to delete you or change your password... and then what?

2) If you are the admin for the Apps account, and you set up Apps using your Google account... and then you merged the two... where would you send "forgotten password" messages and the such?

Google Apps and Accounts give you all the tools you need to "faux merge" two or more accounts.  I recommend using your Google Account (not Apps) as your primary account since you might not always be a member of the domain for the Apps account (ie. you move or leave the company).  I currently have three Google Apps accounts and a Google Account... all managed from my Google Account.  All emails are sent to and from the appropriate email address depending on the company, all calendars are synced and encapsulated within their own domain, and same goes for all Docs.  I never log in to any of the Apps accounts after the initial setup.... YES this requires some setup.

Email: IMAP/Forwarding and Multiple Inboxes solves any email issues easily and transparently.
Calendar: Calendar Sharing solves any Calendar issues.  You can manage 4+ calendars all from 1... you just have to have the proper permissions set up to allow your primary account to Edit events.
Docs:  Well, this is the most complicated... but you should create a Group in the Apps account... call it something like "company" or "sales" or "nerds" or "share", and create all documents through your Google Account (not Apps).  Then share the document with the Group email... all members of the group will be able to access your document.  The same method can be applied to your calendar, and you don't even have use your Apps Docs or Apps Calendar.  Just share your Google Account docs and calendar with the group... and voila.  You shouldn't even need to log into those other accounts ever again.

Sorry, I can't speak for the Sites feature.  I am sure I could configure it with the Group settings... maybe someone could chime in on this one.

Does anybody see any fallacy in this way of doing things (other than the fact that it requires a one-time setup)?  

Re: Merge google account and Apps account patrickandlydia 9/24/09 11:12 AM
Ryan, what about address book in email?  My Apps account has the corporate contact list... that doesn't translate over IMAP, does it?
Re: Merge google account and Apps account bizsaver 9/25/09 8:01 AM
i'd also like to merge my google account with google apps as well. does anyone know if this is in the works?
Re: Merge google account and Apps account DesignByOnyx 9/25/09 9:54 AM
@patrick: Google provides tools for exporting and importing contacts (Contacts -> Import/Export -> CSV).  As far as keeping contacts in sync... well I can't really speak for that.  Like I said, I only use my primary Google Account to manage like 8 different email addresses... 3 of which are Google Apps addresses.  All of my contacts exist in my main Google Account because I have never used any of the other accounts after the initial setup.  If you are wanting to merge contacts from two accounts, you will have to perform a [one-time] export/import of contacts.  Hope that helps.

I also forgot to mention the main caveat to managing everything in one account: you cannot customize the Signature for each email address in your account.  Everything shares the same signature.  This kind of blows... but you've got options:

Don't hesitate to ask any more questions.

@bizsaver: the ability to merge a google account with an apps account [in my opinion] will never happen.  Why? Well read my post above... Google gives you all the tools to manage multiple accounts from one single account.  If you are using Google's services, then the smartest thing to do is set up a Google Account (not Apps) and configure every email address from here forward to be managed by your Google Account.
Re: Merge google account and Apps account philometro 10/7/09 2:25 PM
Ryan -- elegant workaround and helpful to think of the Google Account as the master account.  However, I don't see how it will address the challenge I'm facing:

My Google Account is associated with my personal email address and two Google Apps email addresses (different domains, one of which I own).  When people email me calendars or docs to share, whenever I click on the link it prompts me to login to the Google Account.  It then says I don't have permission to view the calendar/file -- even when I send the invite from an email associated with the Google Account.
Re: Merge google account and Apps account DesignByOnyx 10/8/09 8:51 AM
I am not exactly sure what could be causing this, but my first suspicion is the setting: Apps Domain Manager -> Service Settings -> Calendar -> Sharing Options.  This setting can be very confusing, and I haven't tested every configuration yet.  But so far as I have seen, this setting determines the options available to users when they go to share their calendar.  Confused?  I hope so.

So lets say for the "Outside this domain" section you choose the option "Share all information, but outsiders cannot change calendars",  that simply means that when a user goes to share his calendar with someone outside the domain, he only has the choice of assigning the following permissions:
1) See all event details
2) See only free/busy (hide details)

If you were to choose the option "Share all information, and outsiders can change calendars", then users can assign the following permissions when they share a calendar:
1) Make changes AND manage sharing
2) Make changes to events
3) See all event details
4) See only free/busy (hide details)

Be sure to remember that Apps calendars are not just sitting out there for the world to see.  People might think that allowing outsiders to change calendars may somehow compromise your entire company's ability to keep track of events.  But the "outsider" only has access to that one calendar... and chances are the "outsider" is the actual employee himself.  It is highly unlikely that an employee will give a stranger complete access to his calendar.  Most people rely on their calendars and would not put such an asset in the control of someone they do not trust.

Try changing this setting and posting back here.  If you are not in control of the domain, reassure the admin that the information is still safe... and that you rely on your calendar too much to share it with some idiot.
Re: Merge google account and Apps account GeForceTech 10/8/09 10:38 AM
I agree and what more cross functionality or ability to use features like google voice with my Apps account.

Side note - if you do the IMAP Google Apps account inside your gmail account as a way to send the domain mail from within Gmail, it will show as coming from your gmail to people outside of gmail. Well at least to some of them. This could cause confusion. I tested this and sent it to various sources. If you look at the detail header info I believe you will see this.
Re: Merge google account and Apps account DesignByOnyx 10/9/09 8:49 AM
GeForceTech - You are correct about the gmail header.  When you set up a "Send Mail As" email address in your Gmail account, you have the option to (a) Send through Gmail, or (b) Send through SMTP servers.  If you choose option "a", the "from" and "reply-to" headers will be correct, but the "sender" will still be marked as your primary Gmail Account.  The reason for this is to prevent your emails from being caught by spam filters.  My experience so far -- Outlook is the only mail software that has an issue with this.  Outlook users will something like this in the "From" field:

This message sent by on behalf of

This really sucks.

This is where option "b" comes in handy.  You can use your domain's SMTP servers for sending mail.  If you send mail through your domain's SMTP server, the "sender" header field will be correct, thus suppressing Outlook's "on behalf of" message.

If you are using an Apps account, you can use the following configuration for outgoing mail:

SMTP Server:
Password: [secretPass]

Hope that helps.
Re: Merge google account and Apps account Vanburen 11/5/09 4:16 AM
Yeah I have this problem as well. I have transitioned to using google apps for email, calendar and contacts. But can't access the data through other google services like Google Reader and Picasa. Really hope Google comes up with a soloution to merge account info between Apps and the Google account ASAP.
Re: Merge google account and Apps account chadlupkes 11/9/09 8:02 PM
This is really frustrating.  I'm trying to get my wife onto Google Wave, and the invite that was sent to her asks her to sign on with her "Google Account", but the only Google Account she has is the one we use for Apps.  It will not let her use that username and password to create the Wave account, and when she tries to create a new Google account with the Apps email, it says that there is already one associated with the email address.  An account that she can't use.
Re: Merge google account and Apps account neil.s 11/15/09 11:23 AM
OK I read the first few posts in this thread, not the rest, so dont mind if my question has already been answered.

I plan to implement Google Apps (Education version) in my school, on its domain Now most of the students already use gmail, but some do not. I would like for the students with existing gmail accounts to be able to log in with their gmail accounts, while the hotmail users to be able to create new accounts at the school domain if they wish. Or can we avoid accounts at the school domain altogether, and allow people to login using only their Google Accounts?

Is it possible to do?
Re: Merge google account and Apps account DesignByOnyx 11/15/09 1:22 PM
Unfortunately, what you are wanting is not possible (or even logical).  Every student is going to need their own Apps account, and those who want to use their existing Gmail account can configure their Apps account to forward accordingly.  Who knows... you may have some students who might prefer to have two separate email accounts.  It sounds silly, but some people feel more organized by having two separate email accounts that have to be checked separately.

When you set up the Apps account, go ahead and create an account for every student.  Then provide each student with instructions on how to set up email forwarding.  You can take it even further and explain how to set up calendar and document sharing.  Post back if you have any questions... but please read all the other posts first as most of this has already been explained.
Re: Merge google account and Apps account Jim McNelis 11/19/09 4:11 AM
I noticed the same issue on my Droid.
Re: Merge google account and Apps account DesignByOnyx 11/19/09 8:44 AM
@Everybody: It is important to stand back and ask yourself "What is Google App's purpose in life."  Google Apps was intended for small businesses and schools (not individuals) as a tool to have Google hosted email under your business/school domain and share documents and calendars within the business/school.  Such is the reason Google Apps will NEVER be able to be tied or synced with a Google Account.  They are two completely separate entities which were never intended to be "merged".  That being said, Google gives you ways to manage [almost] everything from a single Google Account.

@Jason... it sounds like you have signed up for EVERY Goggle service, but did so without any forethought (I am not trying to berate you).  I am still a little unclear as to what your current configuration is.  I know you have the following: (Google Account) (Google Apps)

but do you also have an @gmail account?  Do you have a separate Google Profile and Google Talk account?  Do you have Google Account that you log into using your business email address?  Such as: (Talk / Profile) (Google Account) (Google Account)

It seems you want to manage all of you contacts with your business account, but you want to Wave and Talk under different accounts, while having a Profile under a separate account.  If you could please clarify, that would help.

With regards to the droid thing... I am surprised it recognized the Apps account over you regular Account.  Either way... I would never suggest to anybody to use the same email address for both an Apps account and regular Account.  Things become very confusing very quickly.
Re: Merge google account and Apps account diyism 11/20/09 12:51 AM
I have a google account:
and i have a gtalk account:
but when i visit "google profile" and "igoogle", the default gtalk gadget account is,
but in fact does not exist(when you send a mail to it, you will get rejection).

The problem is how can i bind the gtalk account to my google
especially in google profile and igoogle.
Re: Merge google account and Apps account diyism 11/20/09 1:06 AM
How can i bind the gtalk account to my google
My question is different with this, so i have create a new one:
Re: Merge google account and Apps account Peet 11/21/09 10:48 AM
@DesignByOnyx "Google Apps will NEVER be able to be tied or synced with a Google Account.  They are two completely separate entities which were never intended to be 'merged'."

I wish this were the case but some engineers at Google have already partially "merged" the two account systems and thus we are stuck with this in between mess that is causing all of these problems including numerous of my own.  Just recently, (and how I stumbled upon this) I was trying to use the "Insert Picasa Image" option in Google Sites, which only works if the account you are logged in to sites with also has a picasa web account.  I have a "Google Account" with the login name the same as the email address at my Google Apps domain.  The Google Account has a Picasa Web Account, but Google Sites forces me to use Google Apps Sites, and some part of that disconnects the two.

My point is that yes, maybe Google should have kept the two strictly separate (Which they were at one point for a brief period of time.) But they started down the path of creating a single account across Apps Account specific and Google Account generic services; and unless they either backtrack and separate them entirely or push forward and finish what they were doing, we will continue to have these problems.  I purposefully used a different password for my Apps account than my Google account so I could try to figure out where it was different, but I have actually been able to log into some services with both or sometimes the incorrect password where there is supposedly no question as to which account it should have been.  This ability has changed numerous times at seemingly random so I hope this means they are working on it, but it has been a while since I've heard any official news on this.
Re: Merge google account and Apps account REEP 11/30/09 2:05 PM

I see your point with keeping them separate

Care to elaborate on the "Setting Up Process" for using a Google Account as a Master Account
Re: Merge google account and Apps account sonicthoughts 12/3/09 2:56 PM
Same issue here - would be great to associate my google apps email with my google account and I think all the problems go away.
Re: Merge google account and Apps account RocketPopScott 12/3/09 4:01 PM
It can't be THAT hard to make the merger optional.  A basic permissions screen to allow the connection of a ".gmail" account and a Google-hosted Apps account.  I own a small business with a fresh Apps account, but I've had a gmail address that I would prefer to keep - but I want to access both sides of the "Google Services" chasm so that its up to ME if I want to join them.  If I'm concerned about the "leaving the company" scenario, then leave that checkbox unchecked! ;)  I'm sure it's not that simple, but this is GOOGLE we're talking about!  Get on it folks, let's see some action.  Are there any Google peeps in the know around here?

Re: Merge google account and Apps account Gottoon 12/11/09 1:43 PM
Wouldn't it be nice to move the account. I use a Android and because I started out on my android with my Google Account... I cant move the android market account to my google apps account. Everything else works just like I want it. Calendars, email, contacts, but that damned market account won't move.
Re: Merge google account and Apps account SPDC 12/19/09 8:04 AM
I have no solutions here. Just another user complaining about this poor planning by Google.
Re: Merge google account and Apps account danielwould 12/30/09 5:51 AM
I just hit a variant of this issue, and figured I'd write up my use case.
For a long time I have run my own mailserver for my domain. And I have an google account registered against my e-mail address. Recently I decided that it was a hasstle to host my own server and google Apps will do that for me, so I migrated my mail to a google apps hosted service. This all went smoothly... until I tried to access my google calendar under my google account. Which now is told that 'sorry, someone else has a calendar assosiated with that e-mail address' yes.. me.
So it seems that it has let me create a google Apps acount which is just integrated enough to conflict with bits of my existing regular google account. Ideally I want some way to say there are the same thing. As it is I seem to have to point my google account at a different e-mail address if I want to keep it operating. Which seems madness.
As I believe someone pointed out, it would be fine if these were totally separate things, but they are integrated...just a little bit. but not enough. It needs to move one way or the other. I'd gladly merge the accounts. or have them treated totally separate, but as it is I have to figure out having a second e-mail account just to satisfy this odd situation.
Re: Merge google account and Apps account RasmusK 2/8/10 4:05 AM

I read most of this thread since I would like to merge my gmail address with my which is hosted at Google Apps.

DesignByOnyx wrote a guide some replies back, but I cant seem to do the setup correctly. REEP also asks for a more explaining guide.

Right now my adress "" works nicely with email by forwarding to my gmail account. But when people share docs or calendars with my "" then I manually need to share it with my Gmail account to get it in "my own docs".

Can someone explain how I setup to that I only have docs in my Gmail account and not my ""-account???

Thanks in advance!
Re: Merge google account and Apps account piusvelte 2/19/10 10:44 AM
I'm posting as I'm in a similar situation as most. I have a Google Account, for which the profile url, google voice number, gmail url are exactly what I want. Later, when available, I created a Google Apps account for my domain, and use that primarily for email, contacts, calendar, Android, etc. I created a Google Account for my Apps account so that I could use Latitude on my phone, as instructed by Google, but I want to merge my original Google Account into this new Account for Apps, so that I can use all products with my Apps account, while retaining the preferable url's and number that I've established. So far it seems that there is some partial ability to transfer services between accounts, but not a complete merge ability. What would be great is if I could log into my Account for Apps, go to gmail, and when it asks to create a new account, I've the option to attach an existing account, same for the rest of the products. Just to confirm, I can do that currently, correct?
Thank you!
Re: Merge google account and Apps account SoreGums 3/11/10 10:11 PM
@DesignByOnyx your point falls apart when I setup a premiere apps account with my domain purely for my own use. I think it is lame as a technical person to have a free email ( when it is really simple/inexpensive to have my own domain.

My Apps & Google accounts are the same email/password.

When I'm in reader it uses my apps email account to send emails.

So why the disconnect?

The sooner Google merges Apps & Google accounts the better :)
Re: Merge google account and Apps account DesignByOnyx 3/12/10 8:38 AM
Yeah, since my first postings, things have changed a lot.  There was a period several months ago where I swear they were changing things every other day.  I honestly stopped keeping up with it.  It appears as though they are trying to figure it out... but as a developer I am certain that it is no easy task.

The thing is, Google Apps wasn't developed for personal use.  It was built for companies to use... similar to exchange.  You don't see people with their own personal exchange servers... same should apply for Google Apps.

Things Google screwed up on:
1) Making Google Apps free.  Now every body and their brother wants to merge their free (or inexpensive) Apps account and their feature rich Google Account (also free).

2) Allowing people to create Google Accounts with a email address.

3) Giving Google Apps only a subset of features available with a standard Google Account.

Once they figure out #2 and #3, everybody will be happy and this forum can go away.  Until then, sorry - you cannot merge a Google Account with Google Apps.
Re: Merge google account and Apps account Fshad 3/20/10 11:02 AM
This problem gets even worse when using a Google phone/Android or when using Chrome.  Half the services work with your Google Apps account, the other half connect and work only with your gmail account
Re: Merge google account and Apps account madhusker2 4/12/10 8:02 AM

1) Making something free is never a screwup.

2) So pretty much companies (google apps accounts) are the only ones that can't have apps like Finance?  Finance and companies are words that go together.....  That stinks.
Re: Merge google account and Apps account SPDC 4/12/10 11:26 AM
My solution to this nagging problem is that I use my Gmail/Google account for everything, including mobile. But I send/receive my emails through, so I don't have to let anyone know I'm using Gmail. This is better than nothing, but certainly not ideal.
Re: Merge google account and Apps account DesignByOnyx 4/14/10 8:39 AM
@SoloPianoDC - Thank you... you are one of very few people who seems to get this.  Unfortunately, there are some imitations to doing this way, which is what has everybody up in arms.


1) I appreciate your first point.  I contribute to and thrive off of the Open Source community for my day to day life as a developer.  I am an avid supporter of Google and their free services, as well as free services offered by many other companies.  However, Google Apps was originally intended for businesses, not individuals.  The scope of Google Apps has changed since it's inception, but it is still geared for businesses.  The fact that they made it free means everybody and their brother has an account now... and everybody is running in circles trying to figure out "Why can't I merge my two accounts".  If Google initially charged for this service, there would be lot less idiots running around complaining.  Had there been paying customers using the service, maybe they would have put a little more thought into how it works and devoted more resources to its development.  Look at ExpertsExchange... people don't mind paying for a better service, myself included.

2) Google finance??.  If a company managed stocks and portfolios, then Google Finance MIGHT have a proper place in Google Apps... but those companies are using much better software anyways.  I don't see how google finance would benefit most small businesses out there.  Google Apps was intended for small to mid-size COMPANIES to create and manage email, calendars, and documents, and basic web pages.  Google finance was created for INDIVIDUALS to watch stock and market trends... I have to disagree with your second point.
Re: Merge google account and Apps account diyism 4/15/10 7:15 PM
I need not merge the two account now, but i prefer have chance to choose:

When i visit "" , it will prompt me to choose calendar account( not the calendar account(,
and it will jump to ""
it's very good.

So, why not prompt me like above when i visit: ""  ?
It also should give me chance to choose jumping to "".
Re: Merge google account and Apps account castro1970 4/21/10 12:42 PM
This is an annoyning gap in g-apps offering. I've been using Yahoo Biz Mail for almost ten years now, and at least you can have your personal email (yahoo) and you corp ( email accessible through the same panel. It's such a basic thing that I cannot understand how they do not have it. I was willing to make my company email to G-Apps from Yahoo, and thinking using the other services as we are already using g-talk with our personal accounts, but this makes things more complicated.
Re: Merge google account and Apps account DesignByOnyx 4/21/10 2:27 PM
@castro, you can add as many email accounts as you want in Google Apps.

Settings -> Accounts
Re: Merge google account and Apps account Optimistic 5/22/10 12:07 AM
I have read this forum/post with interest because it raises a number of the issues I have been working through.  I assure you that it is a lot less frustrating than configuring Microsoft!

@DesignByOnyx (if you can face making yet another post) or anyone else:

I have used the information contained here to use my Google Account as my master account. The positions put forward in this post make sense and I've just had an "aha" moment.

I have successfully set up the calendars and I am pleased to say that using my Google Account login I can see and edit all three of my calendars (two of which are Google Apps calendars and one of which is my Google Account calendar).

In the post dated 9/24/09 (the "best answer"), the suggestion for email is "Email: IMAP/Forwarding and Multiple Inboxes solves any email issues easily and transparently".  The client I wish to use is Gmail (being my master Google Account) and whilst I have both Google Apps accounts set up with POP and IMAP set to "on" I cannot seem to use the Gmail client to manage the other emails using IMAP.  I have set it up using POP but it does not appear to sync messages so when I delete an Apps email via my master Google Account email "client" the same message does not get deleted in the Apps inbox.

It would be great if anyone could offer some further assistance on this topic.

Much appreciated
Re: Merge google account and Apps account DesignByOnyx 5/24/10 8:15 AM

Unfortunately, the way the mail management works with multiple accounts is this (which you seem to have set up correctly):

1) Main Google Account - catch-all for all gooogle accounts/apps accounts
2) Perform ONE of the following within Multiple Apps accounts under Settings -> Forwarding and POP/IMAP
    - a) Forward all incoming mail to your Main Google Account, OR...
    - b) Enable POP access
3) Within your Main Google Account -> Settings -> Accounts and Import
    - a) Set up multiple "Send mail as" addresses for each Apps Account, OR...
    - b) Check mail with the POP3

(can we see how 2a goes with 3a, and 2b goes with 3b ;)

I personally prefer the 2a - 3a method, as the POP method has a limit of 5 accounts...  (and to be honest, I have never tried the POP method)

Now, to answer your question: Both of the methods above simply send all mail to your Main Google Account.  With each method, you have the option to Keep, Delete, or Archive the message in the original account.  Unfortunately there is no IMAP service within Google Accounts yet (which is what you are wanting).  IMAP is more of a two way communication/syncing service, whereas POP is more of a getter service.  I feel confident that we will see an IMAP service within Google Accounts here shortly (within a year).

I personally have my accounts set up to delete all mail that is forwarded.  You have 30 days to recover deleted mail... which is long enough for me.  In 3 years, I have never had to recover an old document.

The important thing to do when using the 2a - 3a method is to "Send mail through's SMTP servers".  This prevents Outlook from prepending "Message sent via" to the top of your business emails (stupid outlook).  These are the settings I use:

(Use your Google Apps login info)
SMTP Server:
Password: [[Password]]
Port: 587
Re: Merge google account and Apps account diyism 5/27/10 7:54 PM
Deleted the followings from google apps account, and i can use them in google account:
Re: Merge google account and Apps account diyism 5/27/10 7:58 PM
And only leave these google apps services:

1.Email: (with MX Record: ASPMX.L.GOOGLE.COM)
4.App Engine:
5.Chat: GTalk (with MSN through
Re: Merge google account and Apps account Vanburen 5/28/10 2:34 AM
Thought this link maybe of interest to you guys:

Looks like Google is working on resolving this issue.
Re: Merge google account and Apps account _Matt.G 5/29/10 11:03 AM
Skimming through most of these posts I've skirted the issue and lived happily with and for quite awhile now; not too hard to setup forwards and everything else. However, as a few people have mentioned, it is a pain using an Android phone (G1) that is linked to my personal domain account. Half the apps work, half don't, and you can't sign in to two accounts at once in most (YouTube) but some will let you (Voice). Very inconsistent.

My only push to merge or link things would be my Voice account, since you really can't "forward" and "import" from there. Any other app like reader, docs, email, etc -- just migrate your data all to once place and that's the end of it. Since Voice ties a real phone # with an email account, it's not quite so simple. It's about the only service I have to switch logins to use to check my VMs or txts via the web.
Re: Merge google account and Apps account swingstation 5/30/10 3:48 AM
I would allso like to merge two google accounts.
It's not handy on both my android htc hero mobile [ie with docs] and online behind my computers.

Re: Merge google account and Apps account MartinDC 6/8/10 12:52 PM
Having two accounts is stupid, but one is even worse. I have a google account under my address... which is also a Google domain address. So I have two sets of google docs and often have no idea if I am logged in under my domain or google account. In the end I changed the passwords (okay, dumb - they were the same :-) to make sure I had some idea which was which... but as they are about to be merged, I wonder if that will work out.
Re: Merge google account and Apps account jasebarone 6/8/10 1:49 PM
After using multiple accounts for the last year or so, I can see why the system is designed this way. I can also see it being extremely difficult to combine Apps/Accounts together. Honestly at this point I can't even see how Google could do it smoothly. For most businesses, Apps is setup perfectly to manage users within the organization. Google Accounts on the other hand, are not. The frustration seems to come mostly from the users who are simply just using Google to host their domain name, with no real use for User Management or "enterprise" features. I am one of those users and I help many self employed professionals setup Apps this way too.

Unfortunately Google is going to have its work cut out on this one.
Re: Merge google account and Apps account ivars.nudiens 6/9/10 10:46 AM
to DesignByOnyx

I find it quiet complicate to get done following thing:
1)        I own the domain
2)        When I write in the search box it is not serching for it.
3)        I am not sure I have done my domain verification correctly. In the ‘dashboard’ view it shows that mail is „Active”. I can send, but can not receive.
4)        My final desire is tu use the domain for may „google Site” webpage I own in my gmail account .
5)        How tu manage Google Sites Migration form my gmail account to google apps.
6)        I am trying out Google Apps only becous of option to use domain directly without funny additional extansions like   is posible at all?

Thanks in advance
Re: Merge google account and Apps account DesignByOnyx 6/9/10 11:51 AM
@ivars.nudiens  There are other threads and information resources which can help you solve most of your problems.

With regards to your question #5, which is relevant to this thread... Can you please read the entire thread, as I think your question has been answered already.  In short, it is not possible to merge the Gmail and Apps accounts.  However, Google seems to be beta testing the whole merging thing.

Re: Merge google account and Apps account grant.faber 7/12/10 7:13 AM
I might have missed something, but I bound my MX records to Google Apps for its superior mail client.  I wasn't looking for forwarding (as I could have done this anyway with a feature offered by my dynamic DNS provider.  I was really hoping I'd be able to merge my five-year old Gmail account with the new one under my own domain name.  E-mail plays a larger role in my business communications these days, and replying from your own domain adds an air of legitimacy.  I would be okay with merging my Latitude/Wave login under the same umbrella.  (I'm not looking for a walled social network.)  I suppose e-mail forwarding will work fine in the meantime.
Re: Merge google account and Apps account DesignByOnyx 7/12/10 7:36 AM
@grant.faber - While you are using forwarding, you have the ability to to send/receive mail from your own domain... therefore maintaining your "air of legitimacy".  Please read comments above.  

I have 6 email addresses for 6 different companies... all managed through my personal gmail account.  I send/receive emails for ALL 6 email addresses from my personal gmail account.  All of our clients see my email address, and never see my personal gmail address.

For outgoing mail, I set up a separate SMTP server for each company so that mail is actually being sent by the companies own SMTP servers.  This helps ensure that your emails don't get blocked by certain spam filters, and prevents the "Message sent via gmail" for people using Outlook.

You can also use the Google Labs "Canned Responses" to create custom signatures for each company.  However, this requires that you manually insert the appropriate signature every time you send an email... which is a pain in the @$$... but once you get used to it, you don't even think about it.
Re: Merge google account and Apps account grant.faber 7/12/10 8:41 AM
Thanks for the response, DesignByOnyx.  I found this option in Gmail and I think it will serve my purpose.  My host offers SSMTP, and it's working beautifully.  I'd also like to add Google Voice to my list of services to be merged some day.  VoxOx, too.
Re: Merge google account and Apps account Rev David 7/15/10 6:40 PM
We created a gmail account in order to have  a Calendar. No emails have ever been sent to or from  that account.
The organisation has set up a domain and uses that domain as it's mail server.
All we want to do is transfer the Calendar that we created to our Google Apps premier account, so that all the information and links to that calendar are preserved. We tried exporting the Calendar as per the instructions and on trying to import it as a .csv or ical file into Google Apps it just doesn't happen. Without a Post Doctorate in Computer studies a simple transfer of  a calendar from a Google Account (free) to one Google Apps Premier for which we are paying would be good to have.
Despite what DesignByOnyx is saying we would see the ability to merge GMail accounts and Google Apps accounts as vital and necessary. If someone leaves our organisation their Google Apps account would be closed. If the wish to have a gmail account or a Google Apps account then they are at liberty to create one. A simple way to migrate such things as email accounts or Calendars with a GUI rather than the high tech kludge api's should be a priority for Google to service their paying Google Apps Premier Clients.
From this thread I see there is a unmet need which rather than decrying those who want it as deficient developers might apply their creative capacity to meeting.
Re: Merge google account and Apps account TheWill 7/22/10 4:56 PM
Google, please figure this apps/accounts login issue out. It's been like this for farrrrrrrr to long.
Re: Merge google account and Apps account frankydp 7/24/10 8:53 PM
A simple answer would to be able to redirect the top bar text links to my apps locations.  No merge just direction.
Re: Merge google account and Apps account Konga 8/10/10 1:57 PM
I'm one of the users with two accounts using the SAME email address. But I have it easier. I don't need to merge. I can do that manually. I'm happy to just WIPE the old account. Is there any way for me to do THAT???
Re: Merge google account and Apps account wildeco 8/27/10 8:49 AM
Here's the situation:
I currently have a Google Account ( and a google apps account (
Because of this, I can only access things like Google Reader, Blogger, etc with my Google Account, and not my Apps account. I would really like to be able to use these services using my Apps login, without losing all the data (including my gmail email address).
I want to just have 1 google account (

The question:
Is there any way to do this?
Re: Merge google account and Apps account DesignByOnyx 8/27/10 8:54 AM
@wildeco - I don't like posting these types of comments... but did you read ANY of the thread above???  Your question has been covered ad nauseum.
Re: Merge google account and Apps account Rev David 8/27/10 5:21 PM
I have read the thread over and over and find DesignByOnyx response extremely unhelpful there really IS a need for a Simple GUI gadget gizmo click box whatever, to enable people who have a gmail account to transfer it over to a google apps account without haveing to programme api's or learning some arcane computer gobbledygook. My concern was to transfer my existing domain mailboxes over to google apps premier without losing the exisiting data no small deal with people who are very nervous about any change. I have checked out the commercial offerings and they are in the main fairly ordinary insofar as they only do one part of the task it does email but not calendars it syncs with one programme but not another eg MSOutlook but not iCal. As a system administrator  I don't want to have write applications for every client programme and platform, so somthing at the Google Apps - Gmail system level native to the Google environment  is essential as more administrators without PHD's in computer science like myself are moving into cloud computing. I would be happy to beta test such a programme.
Re: Merge google account and Apps account jasonbarone 8/27/10 6:19 PM
There has already been plenty of information released regarding merging of Google Apps and Google Accounts.

It is coming at the end of September. You will be able to "transition" your Apps account into a full Google account that can access everything Google has to offer. All of the current Apps services (Gmail, Docs, Wave, Cal, Sites) will be in this full Google account. It essentially will be like creating a brand new Google Account, except Gmail, Docs, Wave, Cal will already have your Google Apps content in them.

You will not be able to merge your accounts together. You're simply creating a new Google account (your Apps account turns into a Google account) and starting from scratch with your other Google services (Reader, Picasa, Youtube, Blogger, etc). Your old usernames, URLs, and content will not merge into this new account. Yes you will still have to manage 2 accounts if you don't want to loose your old usernames/accounts. Fortunately this is easier now with Google new multiple sign on feature.

According to Google Help pages, the only thing you can do in terms of merging accounts together is you can request to transfer a Google Voice account from one account to another and you can "unlink" and "link" a Youtube account to another account (only if you signed up for Youtube prior to the Google Account merge). Other than that, you can export/import content for various Google services.
Re: Merge google account and Apps account CheeseBallWTF 8/28/10 7:17 AM
I've dug myself into a big hole.  I have three Google accounts: 1) gmail =, 2) (google), 3) (apps).  Yes, that's right, it let me set up both a google and an apps account with the same domain name.  To complicate matters, I set up some CNAME entries in my godaddy DNS account to point to my google account (not the apps account).  I have MX records directing all my mail to my apps account.  This is being pulled to my account and that is working just fine.  Now, I want to set up another apps account for  But, because of the CNAME entries (and this is just a guess), apps doesn't want to let me create the account for  If I kill the CNAME entries, I will lose my public link to my blogger account, which is under (google), and who knows how long I will need to wait until Google's DNS servers drop the association with the google account, so that I can create an apps account for

There's got to be some way to tell the folks at Google that I am the owner of even though it is pointing at (google).  If I could merge my two accounts (google and apps), that would help, but as I've already read, that's not going to happen, so how can I untangle this mess?
Re: Merge google account and Apps account jasonbarone 8/28/10 10:29 AM
@CheeseballWTF: Registering a Google Account with the same email as you Google Apps Account is no problem. It just means you created a normal Account and picked that as your email. You can easily change this email in My Account. I'm assuming there is no @gmail tied to this account?

Not sure what you mean by you're pointing CNAME to

Your Google Apps account is If you want to create an Apps account for Use Google Apps' built-in "Domain Alias" feature to simply add to the list so you can have email under all your domains. CNAME and MX Records won't make a bit of difference when first trying to add the domain. If Google prompts you saying unable to add it, it means you're currently using with ANOTHER Apps account. According to your post, it sounds like this isn't the case. So go ahead and try to add to your current Apps account and post to us what happens. If Google will let you add the domain as an Alias, you'll have to verify the domain through the MX Record process.

Why do you have 2 normal accounts? Is there data in the 2nd account that you need to keep? I would suggest just closing out the normal Google Account tied to your Apps email. Do everything in your other normal Google Account (the one with the @gmail address). The only thing I could see holding you back from doing this is if you have active services/usernames in the other account that you need to keep. If you do, then you'll just have to manage all 3 of these accounts like you've been doing because you CANNOT merge accounts or move usernames/URLs. If your old usernames/profiles don't matter, just delete that account and start over in you @gmail account.

Lastly, pick the final email address you want to work from (either your Apps email or your @gmail) and setup forwarding or POP download INSIDE of Gmail in order to pull your messages over. I never have to setup forwarding at the domain level. My GoDaddy MX Records and CNAME points to Apps and then I tell Gmail where to forward my email to.
Re: Merge google account and Apps account DaJamMaster 8/29/10 12:04 PM
@jasonbarone: I did what you said (thanks, btw) and it says "Alias verification in progress..."  in the control panel.  I put the entry in the CNAME list.  I did the same thing for (which is back when I registered that one and it worked almost immediately.  Not so with (which is  Could this have anything to do with the fact that already has several CNAME entries that point to, so that people can get to my blog, which is tied to a non-apps account?  The confusion that you had is that the non-apps account, to which I am referring uses as the login, which is the same as the administrative account in my apps ( account.  Thoughts?
Re: Merge google account and Apps account DaJamMaster 8/29/10 12:06 PM
@jasonbarone:  FYI DaJamMaster = CheeseBallWTF?
Re: Merge google account and Apps account jasonbarone 8/29/10 12:25 PM
Hello again.
Your domain should have multiple CNAME already created. I have about 6 for each domain of mine: mail, cal, docs, sites, wave, start. They all point to the This should be enough for the verification to succeed. It may not be instant. One time mine took up to 2 hours to verify.

You must also change MX Records to point to Apps as per Google's instructions. You must follow these instructions:

As for your non-apps account, you can change the email at any time for that account. It has no affiliation at all to your Apps account. You could even delete the entire account (unless there is data/usernames/URLs in that account that you need).
Re: Merge google account and Apps account DaJamMaster 8/29/10 12:34 PM
@jasonbarone: this is all stuff I know.  I began the verification process yesterday evening.  It has been over 12 hours since, so I think something is wrong.  I just don't know what.  One possible explanation is when I was adding the "send mail as..." option for to my gmail account, I accidentally changed the MX records first, so when it sent me the verification email, it went into limbo.  I eventually sorted that problem out and now my email is coming from and sending via from gmail just fine.  I just need it to pull the mail from my apps account, not my godaddy email account.
Re: Merge google account and Apps account DaJamMaster 8/29/10 12:36 PM
@jasonbarone: I should mention, while I did ad the google MX records, I left the godaddy record in there as the primary, so that I can still send/receive email while google is doing its thing.
Re: Merge google account and Apps account Ben W 8/30/10 12:09 PM
There is an early release of some type of "merger" (basically adds Google services such as Reader etc to Google Apps):
Re: Merge google account and Apps account burtpolson 9/16/10 8:43 AM
What is confusing for me is my Google Apps account email/login is the same as my Google Account email/login so I am confused quite often as to what I am logged into.  What do you all advise me to do?
Re: Merge google account and Apps account DesignByOnyx 9/16/10 9:15 AM
@burtpolson - not really sure what to tell you, other than you have made things very confusing for yourself.  You just need to understand that you still have two completely separate and unrelated accounts.

I am a huge fan of Google... but here is an IF statement that they forgot about when signing up for an Apps/Google account:

"If this email is being used for other services offered by google, then send a warning that life is about to get confusing!"
Re: Merge google account and Apps account DaJamMaster 9/16/10 10:31 AM
I have a yahoo account that I use when I need to supply and email address to a suspect site.  I just changed the email address on my regular google account, so that my apps account could have my domain email all to itself.  If you don't have another free account, get one.
Re: Merge google account and Apps account LMcKin51- G-Suite-Top Contributor 9/16/10 12:00 PM

If you have a Conflicting account that used same user name as your apps account so you should changed it to either to a Gmail address or a Yahoo address or used the temporary address Google will assign to you.

Conflicting account exsample and for more help visit the Help Center link below on Transition account
Re: Merge google account and Apps account DaJamMaster 9/16/10 1:05 PM
Of course, none of this helps me with my little verification problem with my domain, which I am trying to add to my apps account.  I had gone through the process and after several weeks it finally dumped the verification process and deleted the "in progress" message along with any evidence that I had ever made the attempt.

Today, against my better judgment, I tried again.  This time, I deleted the MX records that I had as priority 0 and 5, which pointed to my godaddy email account, because I decided that maybe google's verification process didn't like them in front of their entries.  I cannot wait weeks for this process because I have email that is being sent to my accounts.  I do not want these emails being bounced for that amount of time.
Re: Merge google account and Apps account trgage 9/16/10 1:52 PM
I am trying to merge the old emails from one google apps account into a new google apps account, and I'm not sure it's possible.  Does any one know how to do that?  I am already forwarding new incoming emails from one to the other, but I would like to move all of the old emails over so that I don't have to go to the other inbox to search for archived emails.

Re: Merge google account and Apps account jramos1200 9/21/10 7:54 AM
trgage, why don't you do a POP or IMAP retrieval?
Re: Merge google account and Apps account DaJamMaster 9/21/10 8:53 AM
In the midst of my attempt to transfer my domains into a single Apps account, I discovered that google does not leave you an option to keep your old email alive during verification.  I had added the google MX records, but left my old ones in at a higher priority.  Google's verification rejected this and only after I removed them did the verification process proceed.  In my case, it too 2 - 3 hours to complete and whatever emails were sent during that time were undoubtedly bounced.  My suggestion would be  to make sure you have a catchall account set up so that as soon as the DNS transfers, all emails will be delivered somewhere.  It sure would have been nice if the verification process would post a message as to why it failed, but it just ran for a couple weeks and timed out.
Re: Merge google account and Apps account RajeshPandey 9/21/10 11:45 AM
I want to merge the conflicting accounts.
Re: Merge google account and Apps account kingjeffreyd 9/30/10 8:16 PM
It looks like Google is finally rolling this feature out. In one of my Apps domain managers (unfortunately not my main one yet), I was given a notice on the dashboard allowing me to enable merging my apps account with all google services!

Now I'm just waiting for this to be rolled out to my main apps account...
Re: Merge google account and Apps account Rob Ardill 10/1/10 5:12 AM
No. Unfortunately what that message is saying, is that if there's two accounts with the same email, the non Apps account will be renamed to prevent a conflict. There's no merge process going on.
Re: Merge google account and Apps account HTC-HD 10/23/10 9:15 PM
@Ryan, you mentioned in your earlier post that a Gmail account cannot have multiple signatures. Google fixed that issue now. I can use different signature for another SMTP account.
Re: Merge google account and Apps account HTC-HD 10/23/10 9:42 PM
Hi, just to reiterate that if you manage all your emails from personal gmail account and not Google Apps, you are not able to use the Exchange ActiveSync (Push mail as it arrives). Instead, I am using the username@mydomain Google Apps Premier to manage all my other domain emails and also set up gmail account forward to my Google Apps.

You need to ask yourself, why are you signing up Google Apps for? It is meant for businesses yes, and importantly it supports syncing as items arrive. Well, you can set up IMAP and set the frequency to every 1 or 5 mins but that isn't the purpose but in Google Apps Premier, you can disable the IMAP/POP access entirely for your organization but allow web-based login and perhaps only Exchange Activesync (the later I have not confirmed so if someone disable the IMAP/POP for Premier and use only Exchange AS successfully, let me know).

Re: Merge google account and Apps account jhohlfeld 12/6/10 11:16 AM
Maybe this helps a bit - Managing multiple sessions of Google Logins at once...
Re: Merge google account and Apps account Super Fly 12/18/10 5:02 AM
Re: Merge google account and Apps account jose.canciani 1/1/11 6:48 AM
Your question has been answered! Next time you enter your google domain with and administrator user you'll see a transition page! I just transitioned my domain... I'm still having some problems with some services (Picasa for example, the accounts were not merge).
Re: Merge google account and Apps account auz1178 2/6/11 11:21 AM
Unfortunately, the question has not been answered. Due to the recent changes which allows for the new services I now still have 2 separate accounts.

In the past we had to have a Google apps account and a personal Google account. We always used the same email address from our Apps account for our personal account. Recently, Google posted a notice saying that new services would be allowed for our Google Apps accounts making the personal account unnecessary. However, we would need to change the email address associated with the personal account because it was the same as the Apps account's. We made this change and now I am stuck with 2 different accounts. The merge never happened and all my personal account info was not transitioned to the Google Apps account. That means the Google voice number, the Picasa albums, the Google Analytics, Google Checkout, etc. which we have spent years having attached to our email address no longer attached.  I just had to sign out and back in to Google voice on my Droid using the NEW Gmail address I had to create for the 2nd account since i never used personal Gmail previously.

Google really needs to have a way to MERGE accounts or migrate certain services.

Other than that keep up the GREAT work Google!
Re: Merge google account and Apps account Vacilando 2/9/11 3:44 AM
Google generates so much hype about Google Apps that I have decided to give it a try today. But I have hit the same roadblock as so many people in this and many other threads.

I have years of records in my Gmail, Google Calendar, Picasa, Google Reader, all that -- and I do need to move it into the new Google Apps.

I don't want to start with fresh accounts or laboriously move this and that through IMAP and what not.

Simple as that. Cannot understand why this is not supported.

I bet Google's losing a lot of potential revenue this way, including the subscription I planned to purchase.
Re: Merge google account and Apps account natinator 2/11/11 6:46 PM
I think this is a two prong sword. On the one hand you want to merge your data. On the other hand when merging your data to google apps you might be subject to terms like a IT policy, an nda, or a noncompete. There is a real grey area between what is yours and what is your employers.

Google apps is targerted for businesses, it's not targeted for end users.

All that being said, I think that for business owners, sole proprietorships, or end users that own their domain this a no brainer. But this is the edge use case.

Should google allow people to import their own personal information? If they do that the separation between corporations and the end user information becomes really grey. Do you want your contacts sending to your work email? Do you want your company to have access to your contacts? Do you want your employer to read your private email? Who owns your private information if you merge it to a corporate account. Is there an expectation of privacy here? If there is does google really want to raise it as an issue for the companies they are trying to get to sign up.
If implemented this has legal implications beyond the inconvenience of having two logins.

Having been asked to dig through email records, having worked with restrictive agreements, and having been informed that the employee doesn't have rights, I'm mainly glad this isn't supported.

Have you been asked asked to pull up old employee emails? Do you want this to apply to your personal email.
Re: Merge google account and Apps account auz1178 2/11/11 7:04 PM
@natinator - I see your point and have acknowledged those thoughts. I run my own business and will be doing so until the day I die. So some of those concerns don't apply. The other issue is that these services were only allowed for personal accounts previously. So, as a business we had to sign up for a personal account to use Google Voice, etc. Now, we need to link the GVoice account back to the business account as this is now our business number.

There needs to be warnings about legal issues when importing, but there should be a way to share these accounts like they allow for Google analytics or webmaster tools to be shared amongst different admin.
Re: Merge google account and Apps account DesignByOnyx 2/12/11 12:34 AM
In my opinion, the Google Apps admin should have the final say on whether an account gets merged or purged.  I think I can make a safe generalization that most people keep their own personal Gmail, Yahoo, MSN, etc account for personal stuff, and their business email for business.  I think its rather clear that the majority of Google Accounts created with Google Apps email addresses were being used for business purposes.  In such cases, the accounts need to be merged into the Google Apps account, PENDING ADMIN APPROVAL.

If the admin feels suspicious about an account being merged... then he can prevent that from happening.  Yes, it would be a pain in butt, and many man hours would be lost to the investigating process... but it's the only way to satisfy the current predicament.
Re: Merge google account and Apps account diyism 2/12/11 1:16 AM
I have a google non-apps account for a long time with the google apps email address(such as

but according to google announcement,
it will automatically rename my google non-apps account into "" at early 2011,
it's a nightmare,

why don't allow me to use my google apps account as an email only account,
i don't want it was upgraded by google forcedly,
keep my apps account untouched so that my google non-apps account will left untouched.
Re: Merge google account and Apps account dhirendrasinha 2/20/11 7:03 AM
It would be better to merge two or three accounta of one user that will be convient and full fill the purpose.
Re: Merge google account and Apps account Anthropic 3/8/11 4:43 PM
I just opened a Google Apps account only to realise that all my data in other apps like picasa and webmaster tools etc... can't be migrated easily. I love Google and their services, but not having a merge tool is pretty annoying. All I really want/need is to be able to transfer ownership of my picasa albums or any other service to another account.

Surely it can't be that hard for the genius working at Google to create the ability to transfer data ownership for multiple apps at the same time?
Re: Merge google account and Apps account Advisor Ricky 6/21/11 8:47 AM
Thank you all for your comments.  We have recently released a new infrastructure for Google Apps accounts.  This allows for Google Apps and Google Apps for Business accounts to have access to numerous other Google services which were previously only available to personal accounts.  

You can find out more about this transition by following the link below.
Re: Merge google account and Apps account eric.potratz 6/29/11 7:28 PM
I found this

if you wanna show your appreciation suggest webmaster tools and analytics for me would you? We really need this!
Re: Merge google account and Apps account Vlad_S2 7/13/11 3:30 AM
I want my apps account on G+!!!
Re: Merge google account and Apps account hkdobrev 12/20/11 12:04 PM
There is a way to sync contacts, but it may be not very desirable. If you have an Android phone, you can add the two Google accounts to your phone and sync your contacts. On you phone they will merged and synced. Then you can use a program to update the contacts on the apps account from the merged contacts from your phone. 

There should be another way to this, I hope.
Re: Merge google account and Apps account 1kenthomas 3/17/12 2:48 PM

Four years have gone by and Google has done nothing to address an issue such as this.  How hard can this be for the mighty Google?

What this reveals is that Google is an "engineer run" company that serves those engineers' own pet projects,  and absolutely not a customer-centric company;  Google doesn't really respond to its customers at all.

Re: Merge google account and Apps account TimorZiady 4/12/12 3:07 AM
Yes, I love GOOG; but they seriously need to actually polish and finish some of their services to make a serious bid for businesses and even enterprises. I am guessing that they do much more for edu and gov. I know the edus can do allot of what people are asking for.

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