Apps Connector for 800 users

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Apps Connector for 800 users sduch 8/2/12 2:16 PM
In the Installation Guide, one connector is recommended for a maximum of about 250 users.
Which is the best solution to manage an exchange installation with about 800 BB users? I think I've to install at least 4 server (BES + Google Apps Connector) creating a BES domain. Is this the right configuration?

Apps Connector for 800 users AtulSachan-Power Poster 8/2/12 8:09 PM
That is the standard System requirement recommend by Google but you have more than 250 users Then you have you Design your server and increas your hardware resources.

It does not mean that you have to use 4 servers. You can have 1 server or more than.

Bottom line is number of servers depends on your requirement, how you want to design. You can have two server. 1 is active or primary and another as stand by or you can say another for FT, HA and load balancer etc.


Re: Apps Connector for 800 users Jay H. Lee 8/3/12 6:26 PM
Sorry but Atul's post is incorrect. You should use 4 servers to provide Google BES service to 800 users. Unlike a BES Server connected to a Microsoft Exchange Environment, a Google BES server must perform regular BES functionality AND emulate the Exchange server to interface with BES. Emulating the Exchange environment and maintaining per-user Outlook PST files for users leads to the additional resource requirements for Google BES.

I will ping a Google Employee to see if we can get an official response from them on this thread but I am quite confident that trying to put 800 users on a single Google BES Server is a recipe for failure.

Re: Apps Connector for 800 users AtulSachan-Power Poster 8/3/12 7:31 PM

Yeah I know that having a single server for 800 users is a not a good practice that's why I mentioned that you can have a primary server and another for fault tolerance and load balancer.

But it doesn't mean that we can not have 800 users in a single server with good hardware resources.  Even you can have 800 users in single server and you can store all PSTs and logs to a separate machine or you can use also a secondary storage or external storage too.

So as I posted that it depends on our infrastructure, requirement and our budget.

Re: Apps Connector for 800 users Jay H. Lee 8/7/12 4:32 AM
Hi sduch,

  Can you reply with your domain name? Also, since you're clearing using Google Apps for Business or Education, Google recommends filing a support case with your question.

Re: Apps Connector for 800 users HongZ 8/7/12 10:07 PM
We recommend you don't host more than 250 users per server. If you really want to push beyond the number slightly, you need to setup a realistic canary environment to make sure the server can handle the load. Using fast disk system (maybe even with SSD) and large memory, you should be able to run 300+ users per server.