First time using GAMMO

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First time using GAMMO rpf1988 4/20/12 11:01 AM
This is my first time using GAMMO to migrate a co-workers email and folders.  Is gammo the correct tool or should i be using gamme?  Also i know with gamme i need an oauth code, am i going to be needing to do that with gammo as well.  Any input or links with information/tips/instructions would be very much appreciated.  Thanks

Re: First time using GAMMO Goldy Arora!!! 4/20/12 11:07 AM

Though it depends on lot of factors, but usually GAMME is recommended as you don't to bother all the users for migration and let them concentrate on their actual work.

However, if you have a small number of users, who are a bit techy as well, you can use GAMMO.

GAMMO doesn't require OAuth, it picks the data from your outlook profile, you can also upload pst through it.
Re: First time using GAMMO rpf1988 4/20/12 11:37 AM
thanks for the advice.  One more co-worker has receipts that were attachments in her outlook email all saved into folders.  She has about 20 folders each with hundred receipts or so.  How do i migrate those folders.  It is my understanding that gammo will not do folders.  And yes it is a very small company only 5 employees in the office.  
Re: First time using GAMMO Goldy Arora!!! 4/20/12 11:56 AM
GAMMO will migrate folder/sub-folders as well and show them as labels in Gmail.

You can get more details about what gets migrated HERE