Api Scope do not appear same after validation

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Api Scope do not appear same after validation Prodata 7/25/12 5:16 AM
Domain Name: aceandcompany.com

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Problem Description: Api Scope do not appear same after validation
actually i 'm migrating a Lotus Note 8.5 infrastructure to Google Apps I made migration following the last version of "Installation and Administration Guide"
The page told me that the change have been registered. But we cannot see any registration change. I am blocked for migrating without this API

Steps to Reproduce: 

Add API Scopes
To add relevant API scopes to your Google Apps configuration, do the following:

1. Open the Advanced tools menu and select Manage third party OAuth client access.

2. Enter your domain name into the Client Name field : Aceandcompany.com

3. Add the comma-delimited URLs below to the One or More API scopes field.

4. After you have verified that the URLs are correct, add them to your Apps domain page and
click Authorize.

And Api Scope do not appear