Google Cloud Print Accounting - Job to User Accounting

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Google Cloud Print Accounting - Job to User Accounting Mike Kehoe 5/3/12 10:07 AM
Domain Name: Not applicable.

Users Affected: Not applicable.

Problem Description: Is there a way to associate a print job submitted through GPC to a spooler beyond what is available in the print details menu?

Steps to Reproduce: I have a VM Spooler serving print queues for a selected group of strategically located campus printers. I've installed the GCP\Chrome connector as a service with a service account and have shared the printers through GCP to all Google Apps users in our domain. The intent is to let all associates of the domain cloud print to certain printers from their mobile devices and such but we'd like to compile reports on per user printing like we currently do with our queues. From the spooler's\queue's perspective, the print is charged to the service account running the GCP\Chrome connector. Is there a way or an app to compile per user print accounting?

-Mike Kehoe