Google apps for hospitals.

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Google apps for hospitals. Mutz. 7/31/12 6:04 AM
would want to know how google apps can be beneficial to hospitals.

Re: Google apps for hospitals. MigrationGuru 7/31/12 12:52 PM
Google Apps Business Edition provides encryption for accessing your email and policy-based TLS encryption (provided the recipient accepts the encrypted messages).  Premier Edition by itself does NOT provide the email archive/discovery services required by S/OX and other legal firms. 

As for the robustness of delete in Premier Edition, emails moved to Trash (deleted) are removed from Google's systems permanently.  If you do not have GMD archiving, they are gone forever.  Additionally, you can set a retention period after which old emails are also purged from the system (regardless of status).

As for references, you can see self-published success stories at:

If you want to discuss your organization's specific privacy and retention policies, feel free to contact me (via my profile).

Along with HIPPA, you also have the HITECH ACT which adds additional compliance rules. Moreover, neither the Google Apps or Postini TOS provide for any BAA relationship, albeit physically signed or by other electronic means. Nonetheless, depending on which Google/Postini services are used, can help meet many of the requirements for HIPPA/HITECH compliance. Email compliance IMO, is one of the easier components of HIPPA/HITECH to meet. The most common failures we see with handling protected health information (PHI) are, fax, IM and internal communications.

“The speed of the entire system, coupled with the near 100% reliability and uptime were enormous improvements over our legacy messaging environment. Our employees have also enjoyed the extensive customization available to them, and the ability to create and modify settings in every piece of the Google Apps system.”

For your reference-