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Non-profit upgrade

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Non-profit upgrade Bruce Z. 5/17/12 2:26 PM
Domain Name:
Users Affected: all
Problem Description: Upgrade from 10 user account

Our organization was approved in October 2011 but we have yet to get our upgrade to a full non-profit status and beyond our 10 user limit. 

Was there something I missed during signup or do we have to use up our 10 user limit first and then request more users? I don't see where Google admins say there is a button to request more users in my Organizations & users tab. 

Do we need to change our MX record before any of this occurs?

Thanks in advance, 

Bruce Z. 
Family Promise 
Akron OH
Re: Non-profit upgrade LMcKin51- G-Suite-Top Contributor 5/17/12 2:55 PM
You need to go here to apply the update

see here