help getting into my administration account (password trouble)

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help getting into my administration account (password trouble) hopefullyquickquestion 7/9/12 10:40 AM
Domain Name:
Users Affected: janechange
Problem Description: I want to access the administrator's control panel for my domain name ( however, the password I have is no longer working. I have my mail routed through outlook and the password still works there, but I'm unable to sign into the domain itself on a web browser with the same password.

I've followed the steps with the google aps help ad nauseam, but I'm unable to get a new password via the normal method (they email you a link to the backup email, you follow it and create a new password), presumably because I bought the domain. I've tried to follow the instructions to reset the password through creating a CNAME record, but on the help tutorial it shows that I need to follow a link: "reset your administrator password by domain verification" which isn't appearing on the screen where it's supposed to. So does anyone know what I need to do now??
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Re: help getting into my administration account (password trouble) LMcKin51- G-Suite-Top Contributor 7/9/12 5:21 PM
Try clear the captcha if you can access your account on your outlook with same password.