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Corrupted indexes

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Corrupted indexes Scatmanicus 4/16/12 9:40 AM
Domain Name:
Users Affected: 1
Problem Description:  Clicking on user contact name brings up another contacts information
Steps to Reproduce:  did search for contact, clicked on contact name but it brings up a different contact. 

I have a keyword for a contact (my own) that is 'myluke'.  It is at the top of my notes and no other contact has that term in it.  It's an easy way for me to quickly get to my contact as I keep all of my login for all sites in my notes as well as other important information.  However, when I used that, it brought up another contacts information and 'myluke' was nowhere on that contact.  I did a search for my name, clicked on the name link from the list and it still brought up the other contact form.  I checked my phone and the contact was there so I did a sync but that accomplished nothing on my computer side and I did clear my cache as well as refreshed the page.  What this tells me is that there was a corrupted index on Google's side.  However, we have no tools to rebuild our contact indexes.  So I had to do a restore to 'yesterdays' contacts simply to get my own contact back.

This really concerns me as I now wonder if I can trust the safety and security of my information on Google Apps.  I made the move to Google Apps a few months ago and have been very pleased so far.  But now I'm having some trust issues with it.

Has anyone else had similar problems?