Calendar migration fails

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Calendar migration fails dev20120314 3/14/12 10:17 AM

I'm trying to migrate from MS Outlook 2010 to Google Apps on Win7-32bit. I use the "Google Apps Migration for Microsoft Outlook" (GAMMO) tool.

I've exported the calendar to a PST file. The migration was successfully for about 8000 calendar entries. But for 179 couldn't migrated. If I do a grep on the tracelog "grep -i -E "0x80004005|error" Trace-2012-03-14-15-36-26-p7724.log", for every failed transmission I receive the following error messages (7 for each failed entry):

2012-03-14T16:07:25.924+01:00 1670 E:Calendar ClientMigration!GlobalObjectIdHelper::TryInitializeFromOutlookBinary @ 137 (> Failed with 0x80004005, last successful line = 136.
2012-03-14T16:07:25.924+01:00 1670 E:Calendar ClientMigration!GlobalObjectIdHelper::TryInitializeFromMessage @ 220 (> Failed with 0x80004005, last successful line = 203.
2012-03-14T16:07:25.924+01:00 1670 E:Calendar ClientMigration!OutlookToGCalEvent::GenerateUIDIfNeeded @ 1374 (> Failed with 0x80004005, last successful line = 1370.
2012-03-14T16:07:25.924+01:00 1670 E:Calendar ClientMigration!OutlookToGCalEvent::TranslateCommon @ 3413 (> Failed with 0x80004005, last successful line = 3411.
2012-03-14T16:07:25.925+01:00 1670 E:Calendar ClientMigration!OutlookToGCalEvent::TranslateAll @ 1327 (> Failed with 0x80004005, last successful line = 1322.
2012-03-14T16:07:25.925+01:00 1670 E:Calendar ClientMigration!OutlookToGCalEvent::Translate @ 1314 (> Failed with 0x80004005, last successful line = 1312.
2012-03-14T16:07:25.972+01:00 1670 A:Sync ClientMigration!MigrationSyncHelper::MarkMessageFailedAndSave @ 360 (> Error migrating message with ID {0000000075DC08DFEF3D4DD3817998AB9F1A814A010000000500000048430248A0CC4858845A776E73CB24D300000000}.

Does anybody know something about this error?

Also, how can I identify the calendar entry in the Outlook GUI? Probably all this calendar entries are of the same type, so if I could look at them in Outlook, that would probably help.

Thank you very much for your help,
Re: Calendar migration fails dev20120314 3/15/12 6:35 AM

I found myself a way to identify the messages in Outlook.

Steps to do:
  1. Get the message ID from the log file (in the above example the ID is "0000000075DC08DFEF3D4DD3817998
  2. Open Outlook with the profile, where the migration failed
  3. Open VBA editor
  4. Add to the project the module which you find here attached
  5. If necessary, change the folder name of your calendar
  6. Set the variable value of MAPI_ID with your ID of the log file
  7. Run the "main" method an look at the output

For my 179 errors I will create a batch script, otherwise it will be very annonying... :)