Exporting all advance segments to csv

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Exporting all advance segments to csv gmellett 4/27/12 8:22 AM

I have two questions with the new analytics.

1. Is there a way to export all the "standard" advanced segments into a .csv.  Currently, it limits to just 4 segments per export?


2. In the old analytics, I was able to export data in which the data, segment 1, segment 2, segment 3, segment 4 were columns.  In the current export, it stacks the segments in rows (in which the new columns are date, segment, metric).

Any help would be great.


Re: Exporting all advance segments to csv StarTech.com 7/20/12 6:46 AM
Does anyone have a solution for this? We created a number of reports that depend on this data export with a column per segment. Having to pull them all individually would be excruciating and a colossal waste of precious time. Google, can we please get this functionality back?

This function alone has kept us using the old version of analytics all this time. Now that the old version has been decommissioned, we really need this.