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Filter Organic Keywords

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Filter Organic Keywords weilim88 8/13/09 9:34 AM
I want to create a profile that filter certain organic search keywords.  I get alot of unrelated keywords from yahoo and would like to filter them out.  How do I go about doingit?
Re: Filter Organic Keywords MoreVisibility 8/13/09 1:07 PM
Hi There

You would need to create a new profile with three filters - two Include filters and then an Exclude filter, back-to-back-to-back. Be careful that you create the filters in this particular order (it's always a good practice to pay attention to that when multiple Include filters are involved, even though you can get away with swapping positions on Filters 1 and 2 here):

Filter #1:
Filter Type: Custom >> Include
Filter Field: Campaign Source
Filter Pattern: yahoo
Case Sensitive: No

Filter #2:
Filter Type: Custom >> Include
Filter Field: Campaign Medium
Filter Pattern: organic
Case Sensitive

Filter #3:
Filter Type: Custom >> Exclude
Filter Field: Campaign Term
Filter Pattern: keyword1|keyword2}keyword3|keyword4
Case Sensitive: No

Notice what I am doing in Filter #3's pattern - I am using the | separator to exclude multiple keywords. You can go 255 characters deep with this filter - if you need more space, create a 2nd exclude filter with the same settings and add in more keywords.

So in the end, this profile will show you all Yahoo Organic traffic without your unrelated keywords. You can create Filter #3 by itself without the two other include filters, but that will exclude the unrelated keywords from all mediums and sources.

Hope that helps give some ideas on how you could do this.
Re: Filter Organic Keywords weilim88 8/13/09 1:18 PM
Re: Filter Organic Keywords PPC_Guru 9/11/09 9:29 AM
Hi Joe,

Small typo "keyword2}keyword3" should be "keyword2|keyword3" on  Filter Pattern: keyword1|keyword2}keyword3|keyword4

Also use ^keyword$ if you what an [exact] match rather than wildcard match.


Re: Filter Organic Keywords Viraldesigns 10/21/10 8:01 PM
Thanks Joe,
This was really helpful as I always had Analytics show keywords that had my website name.
I actually wanted to see only search keywords (product oriented).
Thanks a lot.