Event tracking on forms total vs unique events

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Event tracking on forms total vs unique events Maya_D 5/15/12 9:28 AM
Hi all, I'm a total noob with this stuff so I'd really appreciate some help.

I have a form with two fields and a submit button which I'm trying to track with GA events. The form action takes the user away from the site to a subdomain.

Ideally I'd like to know what users are typing into the two text fields, or if they are leaving fields blank, but since that proved tricky I settled for simply tracking the submit button.

However, in GA my results show a lot more total events than unique events and I can't understand how this is possible when all that is being tracked is one click.

Here's my code, can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong?

<button type="submit" onclick="_gaq.push(['_trackEvent', 'Webform', 'click', 'Form_button']);"style="color:#fff;margin-top:12px;background-color: #e68e22;

float:right; padding:5px; border:0px none;border-radius:5px; cursor:pointer;">Find a Solicitor</button>

Re: Event tracking on forms total vs unique events Bronwyn V 5/17/12 1:20 AM
Each click to the event tracked button is classed as a total event.
If a user clicks the event tracked button more than once in the same user session/visit then it will only register as a single unique event.

Do you have visitors submitting the form more than once?

Are visitors having to maybe click the button more than once in order to get the form to submit or be redirected to the subdomain?