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Capturing The Value Of Social Media Using Google Analytics

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Capturing The Value Of Social Media Using Google Analytics AnalyticsPro.Aruna 3/27/12 11:53 AM
Hope you all have seen the blog post we made a few days ago. We're releasing a new set of Social reports within Google Analytics. The new reports bridge the gap between social media and the business metrics you care about - allowing you to better measure the full value of the social channel for your business.

Overview Report: see social performance at a glance and its impact on conversions

Conversions Report: which goals are being impacted by social media

Social Sources - find out how visitors from different sources behave

The Social Sources report shows engagement and conversion metrics for each social network so you can see how people are interacting with your content and whether it’s leading to a desired outcome.

For example, if you run social campaigns that promote specific products, you can see via the Social Visitor Flow whether visitors from each social network entered your site through these product pages and whether they continued on to other parts of the site or whether they exited.  

Social Plugins: find the content that’s good enough to share