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Delete account kaspra 6/30/12 3:43 AM
Hello, How can I please delete my Google analytics account I cant found it what is on internet. I can't found anywhere link to delete account, Please can you make for mi screenshot where it is? 

Thank you
Re: Delete account Sampatirao 7/1/12 11:34 PM

In order to delete Google analytics account, you need to visit the Account Administration page. You can go to this page by clicking on the My account link which is available at the top right. 

From the account Administration page, select the account that you want to delete then click on the Account settings link.

Now under Data Sharing setting, you will find a link with name 'Delete this account' at the bottom right.

PS: Please make sure that you don't need this account any more before deleting. Once you delete then there is no way to retain the account and data under that account.

Re: Delete account kaspra 7/2/12 11:07 AM
When I click on my account it redirect me to In attachment are pictures.
Re: Delete account kaspra 7/2/12 11:08 AM
Is it for example here? I click on settings.