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Why are you Shutting Iran Out?

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Why are you Shutting Iran Out? Gumboo 6/22/12 10:06 PM

As of last week, I am unable to check into my Analytics account for my website.  When I do, I get this wonderful message:

"We're unable to grant you access to Google Analytics at this time.

A connection has been established between your current IP address and acountry sanctioned by the U.S. government. For more information, see"

The current administration specifically authorised companies like Google to provide their free online services to Iran in order to help the Iranian people to stay connected to the rest of the world.  Dont you realise that by prohibiting the Iranian people from getting performance reports on their websites are you aiding the totalitarianism which the sanctions were directed at.

Please do not take unnecessary steps with a "CYA" mentality and get us back in touch with Analytics.

Thanks for your understanding.

Re: Why are you Shutting Iran Out? Ali G. 5/26/13 12:42 AM

I went through the OFAC line and line, and there was no statement that indicated that such service should be banned.

Please reopen G. Analytics to the Iranian IPs.