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Administrator access aruna.j 12/12/10 7:07 PM

Hi All,

We see cases where users don't have admin access on the account and request for access. Adding users to an account involves a very strict security process and we're not always able to grant access. In order to prevent loss of administrative access to your Analytics account, you need to ensure at least one of the following:

  • There is more than one administrator in your organization who can access the account.
  • If you must have only a single administrator, make sure that person assigns someone else as administrator before leaving your organization.

To transfer the ownership of an Analytics account, ask the person who created the account (or any other administrator on the account) to add the intended new owner as an administrator. The new administrator (or any other administrator on the account) can then delete the original account administrator. Each Analytics account must have at least one administrator.

Google cannot accept responsibility for assigning administrative access to Analytics accounts.

Re: Administrator access Nayan Jindal 12/12/10 8:51 PM
Hey aruna.j,

Ya right , Thanks for posting and Tagging it at the Top !

Re: Administrator access Whims 12/12/10 10:38 PM
Thank you for clarification on this issue!
Re: Administrator access Ankit Sharma 12/13/10 7:54 AM
Hi aruna.j,

Thanks for your clarification on this issue:)

Re: Administrator access trabajofreelance 12/13/10 9:28 AM
I have added a secondary user to one of my domains and I lost full access to the rest of all domains. I can't view the statistics from all my site.
If I create a new account I will loose all my history. This is a BIG BAD BUG !!!! :( :( :(
Re: Administrator access Whims 12/13/10 10:03 AM
Hi trabajofreelance :-)

I think you will find the situation Aruna is refering to is a little different and not a bug.

I interpret it more as being in regard to accounts that are actually under different ownership.. 
eg an agency creates a profile for a website in their agency account and only grants viewing access to reports to the person who owns the website that is being tracked..or where an employee might setup an account for a business but creates the analytics account using the employees own google account as opposed to creating and setting it up with the businesses's google account and then the employee leaves without assigning a new admin... and similar situations to that
Re: Administrator access trabajofreelance 12/14/10 5:10 PM
Hi Whims, yes I know....but no one from google answer me. I can't access to my reports that i have accumulated for more than 3 years and from 20 sites :( :( :(

I don't trust google any more....

I'm thinking to replace Google Apps and Google Analytics by a new provider.  I'm very disapointed.
Re: Administrator access Whims 12/14/10 5:31 PM
I've just replied to one of your other posts trabajofreelance
Re: Administrator access MD practice 12/20/10 9:49 AM
Whims, I am confused with the new "transition".  I thought that all the google apps, including Analytics would appear on the dashboard for users when they signed in under the google apps umbrella.  The goal, as you state, is to sign up for google related applications under the business and not individual users.  Under resolved settings, I enabled the users to have access to Analytics.  But, I dont' see it showing up as an option on their dashboard of services.  

Do I have to cancel the current Analytics account and start a new one so it's not associated with a private google account?  I can't quite figure that out.
My goal, if I designate a user to have access to the analytics or adsense, that they can see it as a service option when they sign in.
Re: Administrator access Whims 12/20/10 11:02 AM
Whims, I am confused with the new "transition". 
For what its worth, you arent alone. I'm probably just as confused as you at this stage :-/
atm to the best of knowledge there is a known issue regard adding users with a account.
suggested work around is to create a Google Account with a different email address (other than in order to access the account

Do I have to cancel the current Analytics account and start a new one so it's not associated with a private google account?  I can't quite figure that out.

Don't delete any analytics accounts. If you delete it you may end up in a pickle in so far as not being able to access historical reports n that

To my own way of thinking I dont see why you should have to.. as long as the business one is also added as a user with admin user rights...hope im not confusing the issue further.

Is there support for businesses with google aps accounts?
Re: Administrator access gserradinho 12/21/10 2:39 AM
Our sole admin has left and we currently only have 1 non-admin account we using.
How can we prove ownership and gain admin rights?
Re: Administrator access robintapp 12/21/10 1:15 PM
I have a similar problem... although I would have been the only person to set up the analytics account, UA-237605-1.  Someone else has access (who I must have either granted access or gave it to him by putting up the tracking html file or however it's done)  UA-237605 2 The other guy is now leaving his job and we want to remove his access from that mail account, but no one has admin access.  Is this because it's a really old account and they didn't have the idea of admin access and user access in those days?  Is there any solution to this.  I don't mind closing that account and starting a new one when i finally get around to setting up the website properly, but it just seems a bit odd that the original creator doesn't have admin access.
Re: Administrator access Aashish Sahrawat 1/20/11 9:36 PM
Thanks Aruna J.
Re: Administrator access majki 1/23/11 6:02 AM
I have the same problem.
I'm (and always was) the only administrator of all my GA accounts. But now is my GA account empty and system forces me to register. As I discovered, measuring codes are working on. I was saw it via somebody, whom I had previously created an access.
Give me back my data, please!

My Google Analytics accounts:
UA-8718450 (UA-8718450-1 to UA-8718450-15)
UA-20451748-1 (UA-20451748-1 to UA-20451748-3)

Thank you very much.
Re: Administrator access ericbilloud 1/24/11 2:58 PM
I am a business consultant and one of my clients gave me their user name and account password so I can give them a report on their site traffic. It seems that google analytics does not have a login box on behalf of someone else. Is that right?
I look forward to your reply
Best regards
Re: Administrator access Whims 1/24/11 4:52 PM
@ ericbilloud - They can add you as a user to their analytics account that way they retain their login info and you would use your own separate login

Would forum users seeking assistance please not keep adding to this thread, please start a new thread with your question or issue

Whims :-)
Re: Administrator access TrishCarey 1/26/11 3:11 PM
The last person using our analytics account left long ago, and I have no idea who it is (and apparently, neither does anyone else here). If I could find out what email is attached to the account, I could get in contact with them.... but I can't figure out how to do that. Does anyone have any ideas?
Re: Administrator access CrucibleJenn 2/9/11 10:23 AM
So I'm in a similar situation as some folks above. I've taken over the GA account and thought I had Admin rights until now. The person who started the account is no longer here and I need to add another person to the account. How do I get set or take over the admin access for our accounts? Help please.

Re: Administrator access jchcpt 2/15/11 6:45 AM
I'm in the same situation of CrucibleJenn

Accounts :
Re: Administrator access Bollwerk 2/17/11 1:43 PM
I find it frustrating that rather than posting instructions on how to get help with regaining administrator access, they simply tell you a best practice on how to avoid losing admin access. That's like telling someone who just got in an accident that they should have been paying closer attention to their surroundings.
Re: Administrator access aponzillo 2/22/11 1:33 PM
I'm in the same position as TrishCarey.  The person who had admin rights on our account has left and did not leave any information on login/passwords.  Is there a way that we can determine what the master email account is, and reset a password?  HELP!!  Google analytics are not much use if we can't get to them.
Re: Administrator access Upright 2/23/11 10:52 AM
I've tried all of the links to contact Google and reclaim the access to the account but nothing works. The form for reclaiming an account just sends me an email from Adwords and says I have to login to my AdWords account and ask for help. But, when I do that, there is nowhere to request help specifically for this issue. Also, the GA account was never connected to AdWords, so what do we do in that situation?

Is there anyone at Google who can contact me via email and help me resolve this issue?
Re: Administrator access Upright 2/23/11 10:54 AM
Same here, looking to regain access for a client to their account: UA-6799161-1
Re: Administrator access stellarinfo 3/7/11 9:13 PM
I lost my admin rights while adding a new user. Please help me to restore my admin access for my account id UA-146493
Email id for account was
Re: Administrator access bastickm 3/9/11 1:05 PM
I like one of the previous users went to add a secondary admin and now I'm completely locked out of our reports.  Is there anyways to correct my settings? We had several domains under the primary, but this is the most important one UA-123456-1
Re: Administrator access Eric30 3/16/11 9:40 AM
I lost my admin rights while adding a new user. Please help me to restore my admin access for my account id UA-220408
Re: Administrator access The Jalopy Journal 3/25/11 10:10 AM
I desperately need help regaining admin access as well... UA-252680-1

I've tried everything and have filled out various support forms from Google and have gotten nothing.
Re: Administrator access Will Fastie 4/4/11 1:46 PM
I hhad been assigned user rights for a profile from another person's Analytics account. That person passed away recently; neither friends, family, nor associates have any record of his account (699373) credentials.

I would like to be able to delete the profile from my own account listing. Is there a way to do that?

Failing that, what is the best way to deal with this difficult situation?

Re: Administrator access pcanniff 4/26/11 7:28 AM
My employer's Google Analytics data (UA-11730484-1) was tied to the account of a recent departed employee. He did provide us with his login combo, for which we changed the contact email address to mine, as per Google's instructions. However, we have lost access to the Analytics data: I am now prompted to sign up for a new Analytics account, even though the dashboard indicates an AdSense account under the previous employee's name.

I have sent a query several times over the past two weeks via your web form, detailing this issue and requesting restoration of access but have received no replies from Google. The Analytics data is vital to our management of web advertising. How can I get some action on this?!
Re: Administrator access barma81 5/1/11 3:19 PM
I also lost my admin rights months ago while adding a new user. What the hell!!!!!!!! Please, give us a solution now!! or give us a form / phone number where we can contact a real Google tech that can adjust our account settings. This is ridiculous. >:(
Re: Administrator access GreenDragon77 5/12/11 7:00 PM
@Aruna.j can you please help me with my issue. I accidently stripped myself of admin rights. I didn't think this would happen. I also didn't think that Google would allow someone to do this to themselves.
Re: Administrator access aocitdept 5/18/11 1:36 PM
Well I have to add my post to the list. Same problem as others. Attempted to add a new user with view only rights. Was directed to create a google email address for new user which I did with the original admin email as the recovery email if necessary. Went through the steps to add new user and promptly lost my admin access right for original email. Attempted to correct the problems by deleting new user along with new email address, as well as resetting passwords. No luck at all. I surely would appreciate the help getting this problem resolved. I really don't want to post the email address so I'll just post the account info: UA-23043309.
Re: Administrator access Paul Senior 7/16/15 7:05 PM

In case the above suggestions were not followed and the holder of the admin account left the company, how do I acquire admin permissions? I am the manager of the website.

Thanks in advance.
Re: Administrator access Goodwill Chattanooga 7/23/15 9:46 AM
I'm logging in with the admin email but I can't add Users or control access.  I get message, "You do not have sufficient permissions to modify the user on this account.  No one else is on the account.  How can this be resolved?
Re: Administrator access dahose01 7/28/15 3:00 PM
I am experiencing the same problem.  My account is the only account that has ever been attached and it can't add more users.  I need to add more users including a second institutional administrator account.  Please help.
Re: Administrator access tommarbiol Carefoot 8/8/15 10:54 AM
Hi, I can't seem to get into my account.  I had forgotten my password, then created a new one...perhaps that is the problem.  Do I need also to re-create the account?  Thanks for your help
Re: Administrator access Phil EK 8/13/15 12:40 AM
I am not able to perform Goals creation and other Analytic tasks in my Google Analytic account due to Email Permission issue. Although the added Email is  only my primary Email but under website section, in Admin section, why all options are greyed. please help
Re: Administrator access wbbgBob 8/25/15 12:21 PM
We cannot identify the administrator for UA-45398120-1 so that we can follow the two administrator recommendation you have posted. Can you either tell me who is the administrator or make me the administrator? If we could determine who originally set up the account, This is easy to resolve or if I could get user management privileges, I am the president of the WBBG and we operate and manage
Re: Administrator access Phil EK 8/25/15 9:06 PM

Yes, earlier, I was very tensed about Google Analytics account issue. Many options were grayed out under Admin category. Even I was not even able to create new goal due to E-mail Permission issue (regarding Primary Email). Since I posted here my issue; from then all is now working well. Now I can create new goals and even other options are enables as well.

Re: Administrator access CPA Ireland 8/26/15 7:58 AM
Is there a way to find out who the admin within the organisation is?
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