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Domain History Dissapeared. I have never deleted the accounts

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Domain History Dissapeared. I have never deleted the accounts tomasz4444 6/13/12 10:52 AM
Dear google analytics.

I have always had two websites registered under my google email address. As far as I recollect this is my only gmail account.

the two websites in question were

i attach evidence of prrof of ownership by previous documents

i also include the orginial codes for the tracking sites.

where has my account information gone?. i have never deleted them. i now have no history of the two websites and access. Where has the information gone?

i have not accessed the sites for a long time through analystics. i have relaised you have updated the design interface. has this interfered or compromised my data?

An early acknowledment or post on advice from any users would be great

thanks very much
Re: Domain History Dissapeared. I have never deleted the accounts Bronwyn V 6/14/12 12:39 AM
Hi :-))

I'm not seeing any indication of a google analytics tracking code on
the code you have given in the attached. code.docx for is a google site verification code for Google Webmaster Tools which is a seperate product to Google Analytics although the two products can be linked for integration.of data.when GA is installed on the same domain.

Were there any other admins for the Google Analytics account(s)?
Is it associated with a google apps account or a google mail account (not gmail)
Have you changed anything within your google account such as adding other email accounts etc

When you log into Google Analytics via, in the new interface on the left is a list of all accounts, that will expand to display web properties (sites) and their associated tracking profiles.. 
are your websites listed there?

Re: Domain History Dissapeared. I have never deleted the accounts tomasz4444 6/15/12 7:19 AM

thank you for your response.

as mentioned i have not accessed accoutns for a while. i have checked under google webmaster tools and have no account information under my login email address either.

i remeber haveing a link to source code for integration on uisa site

i am very confused. it would be nice to track down where the historical visit analysis has gone. i am very confused!?

my websites are not listed : i am directed to lsign up and create an account to google analytics website when i am signed in. to me this signifies that i do not have a google analytics account. quite contrary to the previously uploaded documents.

no i was only admin for the accounts as i desigend both websites.

as far as i recollect i have only held a gmail account.

i added a secondary yahoo email address to the gmail account for security purposes only so i don't think this will have anything to do witht he procedure for web analytics

it does not help that the search function in yahoo mail is awful and doesnt identify words in emails so finding it difficult to even track anything historically related to registering or any previous emaila ccounts that may have been set up that i forgot about. even though this is highly unlikely!

no lists. please advise

look forward to furtehr advice

kind regards


Re: Domain History Dissapeared. I have never deleted the accounts Bronwyn V 6/15/12 3:37 PM
It sounds like you are logged into an incorrect account, especially if your webmaster tools is not displaying any informtion for your websites either.

Can you please use the linked form to contact GA Support