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Tracking first attribution with &utm_nooverride=1

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Tracking first attribution with &utm_nooverride=1 tina11111 8/29/11 9:36 AM
To track first referrer in Google Analytics, I've read you can  track the first referrer with modification in the ga.js code or by appending utm_nooverride=1 to the end of all destination URLs.  Considering the destination URLs are generally on an external site the client doesn't own, he can't use utm_nooverride=1 unless it's an internal link on his website, right?  So, what's the best way to track first referral?

Also, is there any negatives to switching to first referrer?
Re: Tracking first attribution with &utm_nooverride=1 Whims 8/29/11 2:17 PM
utm_nooverride=1 is used to prevent analytics from overwriting campaign data such as for adwords or tagged campaigns
utm_nooverride=1 wont stop analytics from overwriting the campaign data if a visitor returns via an untagged referral link or organic search

The new beta interface now provides multichannel funnels which you may want to have a look at
Re: Tracking first attribution with &utm_nooverride=1 tina11111 8/29/11 2:35 PM
I just looked at both articles & think the 2nd one might be helpful.  (I haven't been on the new beta version yet.)

In the first article, he mentions "wrote some JavaScript that uses the custom segment functionality", but doesn't spell it out.  Is that something a web developer or someone who knows way more than me should know how to use?
Re: Tracking first attribution with &utm_nooverride=1 Whims 8/29/11 2:57 PM
I would assume so re web dev, provided maybe they are also familiar with analytics
I'm no help there as Im not a coder