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Incorrect URL bug?

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Incorrect URL bug? Craigy- 6/26/12 5:56 AM
I try to create profile in Google Analytics for page:
But I can't because it said "URL contains illegal characters". Why?
Re: Incorrect URL bug? Craigy- 7/10/12 3:48 AM
I'm really can't get google analytics' code with "-" symbol in url. Can anybody help me?
Re: Incorrect URL bug? htmlterrier 7/10/12 5:24 AM
The URL is irrelevant to GA use any domain you like, even will work. GA is not tied to a URL but listens to the UA that you are being assigned. When I click on the URL above I get a 404 btw. The domain is everything until .com so /Unifloat is not part of this.