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IE11 measured as mozilla

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IE11 measured as mozilla WouterDNZ 10/25/13 2:47 AM
I test my google analytics implementaion with fiddler. To test if the GA scripts are working in IE 11 i use a custom utm_source name. After using advanced segments this visit is indicated as mozilla.

How is this possible?

Re: IE11 measured as mozilla kfury77 10/29/13 5:55 AM
I've noticed that IE11 doesn't display in Google Analytics at all. I'm surprised that this still isn't fixed.
Re: IE11 measured as mozilla trevor.c 10/29/13 12:07 PM
I also see IE11 visits showing up as Mozilla in GA reports. Come on Google, it's been weeks since IE11 is out. Can't you stop futzing around with the layout for one day to fix your UA detection?
Re: IE11 measured as mozilla James Bales 11/5/13 9:29 AM
This happened with IE 10 and Windows 8 when they were launched as well. Absolutely baffling that a simple mapping change - which Microsoft flagged in advance - hasn't been corrected...
Re: IE11 measured as mozilla MisterNeutron 11/17/13 12:13 PM
Well put. They keep diligently putting pinstriping on the car, while one of the cylinders is misfiring. Get the basics right, and only then turn your attention to the decoration.
Re: IE11 measured as mozilla MayorOfMonkeys 12/4/13 4:53 PM
+1. Since my tech only works in IE11 (WebGL) I need stats on this. Pretty please, Google!
Re: IE11 measured as mozilla Paul Neave 12/5/13 5:00 AM
+1 Please fix!
Re: IE11 measured as mozilla brayhite 12/11/13 9:31 PM
fwiw, it appears this is intentional on microsoft's part. they are coding an agent string in IE 11 that requests a Firefox version of the visited website to appear, thus telling the website's analytics that it's a mozilla browser. this was first reported back in march of 2013. i could be wrong, but i'm not so sure google can change this per agent string standards.
Re: IE11 measured as mozilla kfury77 12/11/13 11:53 PM
@brayhite - yes, it would be possible for Google to change this. IE11 already appears in Google Analytics as Mozilla, version 11.0

The Google Analytics team just need to identify/label this as a IE11.