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how do I find my UA number

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how do I find my UA number butlersinthebuffuk 3/28/12 3:30 AM
I need my UA number to use a on a flipping book software.  How do i find this?
Re: how do I find my UA number AnalyticsPro.Aruna 3/28/12 7:24 AM

Analytics generates tracking code for each web property you add to an account. The tracking code includes an ID for the web property.

To find the tracking code for a web property, first read the instructions in Set Up the Tracking Code.

Your web-property ID is listed in the first few lines of the tracking code, and takes the form UA-XXXXX-Yor UA-XXXXX-YY.

The YY portion of the ID corresponds to the number of profiles you have configured for the web property (one Y for single digits, two Ys for double digits).

Re: how do I find my UA number Liz Heinberg 2/28/13 6:35 AM

A question for the AnalyticsPro ... We have a Google Analytics ID in the form UA-XXXXX-Y, but our website (built through Amazon webstore) requires the form UA-XXXXX-YY.  Do we just add a "0" before the "Y" digit, or...?