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Linking google analytics through weebly

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Linking google analytics through weebly AlexChristopherJohnson 6/30/12 7:57 AM
Hello all,

So I had Google Analytics linked to my website, but I decided to start using weebly and now it is no longer being tracked. When I switched I had to start over. So my question is will I have to create a new account or do I just copy the code and place it as expected? I don't mind to loose the previous tracked data, but I would prefer to keep it. 

I called Justhost and they said I had to talk to the people from google because they didn't know.


Re: Linking google analytics through weebly EdTalbot_YourCIO 6/30/12 11:45 AM
Hi Alex.
You could just copy the tracking code to each of your pages and let it start reporting but I would recommend creating a new Web Property in your Google Analytics Account for your weebly-based site ( I think that would be the cleanest) and then just paste that code into each page.  Remember to recreate any profile filters that you might still need (if you had any before) in the profile(s) of the new Web Property.
Re: Linking google analytics through weebly Bronwyn V 6/30/12 12:49 PM
Just as a follow up to EdTalbot's assistance.

Weebly doesnt require the code to be pasted into individual pages. It gets inserted once via the site settings.. 
they also incorporate their own GA tracking code into your pages as well.
Weebly have also said that in some instances data can take up to 72hrs to start showing in GA reports

Weebly support docs for how to install ga tracking