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Status of "Old Version"

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Status of "Old Version" PaintedPostDave 12/5/11 7:42 AM
Your Website:

I have no question.
First, thank you for providing the Google Sites and the Google Analytics.

Second, I just want to let you know that the new version is simply unsatisfactory. I hope you will keep the old version available.

Everyday I like to check where people are that have accessed my sites and the old version does this nicely. The new version is not intuitive at all and I have yet to figure out how to use it.

So, please keep the old version available.


Re: Status of "Old Version" Web_Coder 2/20/12 3:08 PM
The so-called new version is not as intuitive as the old version. It looks too wishy washy.

Keep the old version! It simply works. The interface is polished. It is easy to access reports. It fits on a 1024x768 screen. It's not over-laden with AJAX (i.e. loads faster with less issues).

Enough said!
Re: Status of "Old Version" Marc.P 3/27/12 7:11 PM
I agree, the old version was very user friendly, easy to see all analytics for multiple websites at once and the PDF exports were excellent.

Note to Google.
Please make PDF export of reports the SAME as old version. I have noticed the BETA PDF export, but they are clipped to 1 page in stead of the original 5 pages.

Ill be using the old version for a long time yet!
Re: Status of "Old Version" gnixonmcm 4/18/12 3:42 AM
I also like the old version better.  Does anyone know how to recreate the opening screen in the old version where you see the month over month % change in visitors? 
Re: Status of "Old Version" rhcerff 7/20/12 1:42 AM
I'm still searching for this information.  It doesn't appear to be possible.  If anyone finds anything, please let me know.
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