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Setting up e-commerce tracking

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Setting up e-commerce tracking HydraulicSales1 12/17/09 12:37 PM
Setting up e-commerce tracking is the most frustrating thing I have ever encountered.  I don't even know where to begin!  I've found the code and everything but I am so confused about this part:

    "1234",                                     // Order ID

    "Mountain View",                            // Affiliation

    "18.28",                                    // Total

    "1.29",                                     // Tax

    "5",                                        // Shipping

    "San Jose",                                 // City

    "California",                               // State

    "USA"                                       // Country



    "1234",                                     // Order ID

    "DD44",                                     // SKU

    "T-Shirt",                                  // Product Name

    "Green Medium",                             // Category

    "11.99",                                    // Price

    "1"                                         // Quantity


I realize this is only an example, but do I need to fill in the parts where it says stuff like, "1234" and the prices and stuff?  this makes no sense.  Please someone tell me where to begin!
Re: Setting up e-commerce tracking Chris Lutte 12/22/09 2:37 PM
Just read the help section for e-commerce is all there for you written in plain English. It tells you what parameters are mandatory and what are optional.
Re: Setting up e-commerce tracking JMays 12/30/09 4:23 AM
HydraulicSales1 - Yes, you do. This is the data that G.A. needs to know what and how much was sold in each transaction.

Your shopping cart system will need to pass this information into your receipt or thank you page when the transaction is complete, and then you will need to set up your page to pull in that data to replace the vaules that Google provides in the example.

One thing to note is when the person purchases more than one item you will need to repeat the _addItem part with that data.
Re: Setting up e-commerce tracking Aponi70 1/19/10 1:20 PM
This is quite confusing. So, do I just cut and paste that code in the final "sales receipt" page? I don't know if I plug in the GA number only (where the xxxxx are) or if I need to add anything to the parameters. I've read all the documentation and nothing helps.  When you say to have your page "pull the data to replace the values that Google provides" how do you do that?

I'm so confused so any help would be appreciated.
Re: Setting up e-commerce tracking Aponi70 1/19/10 1:26 PM
HS1- I found this guy's blog that explains adding the ecommerce code - - you can scroll to the bottom of that page and he explains that your shopping cart script should pull the values if you sell more than one item. Hope that helps.
Re: Setting up e-commerce tracking kevinMQ 3/8/11 7:26 AM
Thanks Aponi70

Finally an answer for the developer who has a life.