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earning through ad impression

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earning through ad impression arvind.been 6/29/12 9:48 PM

i heard that we can have earning through ad impression in google adsense. but there is no section for that in my account. and please tell me how can i have earning through ad impression. refer to attached image there is no section for ad impression earning.

Re: earning through ad impression Gracey 6/30/12 5:12 AM
Impression earnings are shown along with all your earnings   (they are included in your "content" earnings)  . It takes a thousand impressions to earn a couple of cents, and how quickly that happens depends on how many impression ads appeared on your site. The majority of adsense ads pay by the click, and not by impression.

To see earnings by impressions, go to your Performance Reports page and select the "bid types" option from the left hand menu.