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Ad is not showing

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Ad is not showing shekharmca2005 6/16/12 6:16 AM
Hi ,
I have added a new google ad code to my site in the bottom of the page
 but its showing only blank space . Not showing add. I have added this code today itself . can you please let me know the reason behind this.


Re: Ad is not showing YouRepair 6/17/12 3:43 PM
It can take a few hours for new ads to show on your site.

If it continues to be a problem make sure you have your ad blockers off in your browser and Javascript is turned on.

In IE you want to add your site to your safe list

If you continue to have problems after a few days then try making a new ad code and using the new code.

Re: Ad is not showing gddsmith 6/17/12 3:57 PM
You're only allowed a max of 3 ad units on a page & any more than that will not show. You have 4 which is a policy violation & that can get the site or whole account disabled even though the 4th one isn't showing. It's also a violation to alter the size of the ads & Adsense doesn't have a 480x80 ad unit. If you changed it from 480x60 that is also another violation that can get your account disabled.