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ads not showing

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ads not showing acarl 7/1/12 5:23 PM
I have a problem with google adsense on my website

The channels etc work fine, but the channel has stopped working, it does not display the ads anymore. If I rename the file to anything else, for example then the ads display fine, so I know the code is correct.

The trouble shooter site from GOOGLE was NOT helpful (did not resolve the problem)


Re: ads not showing Gracey 7/2/12 3:34 AM
Your site appears not to really have sufficient content of a type suitable for Adsense - the forum sections don't seem to have that much content, and most of the other sections appear to be affiliate links from Amazon.

If you went to the end of the troubleshooter with no resolution, you should have reached a contact form that would get you direct contact with Adsense.

However, I'm not sure you'd actually want a staff member to go look at the ad placements you have, because they are rather unsuitable:

When a visitor arrives at your site, the only thing they see is the menu buttons, and what appears to be a lot of ads - not all adsense, but advertising of various kinds, pushing anything that might be considered content below the fold.

You also don't appear to have the required privacy policy - Adsense publishers must have a policy that meets Adsense requirements as stated in the Adsense Program Policies, and there must be a link to it from each page on your site, so visitors can find it easily.

You'll want to make some corrections to your site and ad layouts before you contact them via the troubleshooter.