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Can i made my google adsense floating?

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Can i made my google adsense floating? rakicko 7/18/11 1:10 PM
Can i made my google adsense floating? I wanna in a article like made my adsense that agains adsense rules..i dont know how it will will not bree free floating..will be in position like now..and when will scrol with it..Thanks in advance..
I saw adsense like that..just wanna ask for confirmation.. xD
Re: Can i made my google adsense floating? StevenG 7/18/11 1:40 PM
You're not allowed to put the ads inside a floating box, even if it's stationary or moves.
Publishers that do that are putting their account at risk as when Google comes around to noticing it or if people report it to Google, Google will ban the site and our account.

Just because a publisher has not been caught yet does not mean Google won't eventually be tipped off or discover it on their own. Imagine thinking you're doing well and having your earnings being taken away because of a mistake like that.

It's like the drunk driver that drives drunk for 20 years and finally a cop arrests that driver. It still does not mean drunk driving is legal.
Re: Can i made my google adsense floating? rakicko 7/18/11 2:02 PM
thanks for a ansfere and advice ,and ofcorse i will not use it..
Re: Can i made my google adsense floating? svhouston 7/18/11 4:56 PM
then what about the extremely popular seeking alpha site....they float google ads everywhere?

look at this link above or most of their content links on their site...notice google ads on left and then as you scroll down on the content..the google ads moves with it and then remains stationary and always in view on left and also ads on right side?

like this i have seen so many very large sites doing this...i'm sure google knows about them for sure so why haven't they been kicked off?  
Re: Can i made my google adsense floating? StevenG 7/18/11 6:55 PM
Just looking at the code they are using it appears they are a premium Adsense publisher.
While I don't know the specifics to what the policies are for premium Adsense publishers, I do know that the TC's on here have said they do have certain policies they can break where we regular publishers do not. I would hate to think that they are allowed to display the ads in the manor they are, but I do not know if they are or not.

All you can really do is report the publisher to Google and let them deal with it by clicking on the "Ads by Google" or whatever is there to click on besides the actual ad.

The trick to having the ads remain stationary is to have everything else scroll in the middle.
Without using frames or scripts to do so.
I find it a bit annoying to scroll through a bunch of content in a box tho.
I mean take a site like and click on any category.
On the page you are taken to, what if you had to scroll through the listings?