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Changing to Bank in Thailand

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Changing to Bank in Thailand TeacherBrittany 5/29/12 1:26 AM
In America I was receiving my checks via mail.
I just recently moved to Thailand and opened an account here.
My options are:
Send the money to my American account, and lose a % to transfer fees.
Send the money to a family member and have them hold it.
Or cancel my account and set reopen it with the main country being Thailand.

As for the last option, I'd rather not close the account because I am not sure how much I will lose, if I can open another or any other unforeseen issues.

I have a bank routing number, but I believe it is only 6 digits long, and I think google requires it to be 8 digits.

So any suggestions to this problem would be greatly appreciated.

Re: Changing to Bank in Thailand Gracey 5/29/12 4:24 AM
Your bank cannot be an American bank if your address is in Thailand. Your bank cannot be in Thailand if your address is in the US. And it doesn't appear that EFT is available in Thailand. 

The bank address needs to be the same country as in your Adsense account, and if you are living in Thailand, that should be the address in your Adsense account, not a US address.

Adsense terms of service say that you must provide accurate personal information, so if you will be living in Thailand for any length of time, you will need to change your country and choose an available form of payment for that country.