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Policy violations?

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Policy violations? 8balloller 11/23/08 9:20 AM
How can the site serve google ads when thier site links to illegally uploaded movies and tv shows?
Ive seen other site that do this get banned from google for doing so but is a very popular site and the only ads the use are google ads?

Whats the deal if its ok them for them run google ads on thier website, please tell me the loop hole thank you.
Re: Policy violations? Kukana 11/24/08 5:26 AM
Perhaps they just haven't been reported yet.  Google can't check every possible site all the time.  If you see a site that is violating policy, then click the 'Ads by Google' link and let Google know about it. 
Re: Policy violations? NilsC 11/24/08 7:01 AM
Hard to report the youtube flash ads. I think that is a missing feature - we need a way of reporting the flash ads
Re: Policy violations? 8balloller 11/24/08 8:58 PM
Well that site has been aound for sometime displaying those google ads. And it get huge traffic from offering those illegally uploaded movies, just today I found they had Bolt and Twilight along with every TV Show that aired tonight.
While I understand google cant check every site. This site has to be profitting very well from adsense and they have a traffic below 1,000 according to
and the site is also displaying google ads on pages with zangocash and pop-ups.

Re: Policy violations? 8balloller 12/11/08 9:49 AM
This site is still displaying google ads.
Doesnt make any sense the site gets it traffic from providing links to new theatre released movies and newly aired tv shows. Which is against adsense policy.

Those are just A few of the pages violating copyrights. I'd like to know what the secret is here how can they display google ads on that site.
Re: Policy violations? Ray 12/11/08 10:17 AM
I just looked at this page

They did not upload copies like you wanted to do in another thread, they embedded the link to NBC on the page. When you view one of them you see commercials that NBC is getting paid for. Many networks allow the links like that as they still get the income from the ads.

If you buy a DVD of a show and put that on the web you are in violation of the license for your personal use of the show. That is why DVD's that you but usually have a scheem to prevent copying of them built in.
Re: Policy violations? 8balloller 12/13/08 10:01 PM

pretty much every movie on that site has links to pirated movies and tv shows.
view this page

Now pick a title and scroll down to the right side.
right under the google ad 300x250
is a box that says Popular Searchs Submit Link and Full Movie.
You click full movie and there you go links to pirated illegally uploaded movies.

Search Results for 310 to Yuma full movie

So Again why is it ok for this website to link to pirated dvds when sites like tv-links and movieforumz owners were shut down.

Re: Policy violations? NilsC 12/13/08 10:04 PM
Are you reporting them or just telling us so we can report them?
Re: Policy violations? LCherone 4/24/11 7:28 PM
over 2 years later since the first post and sidereel still server google ads, they even have ads serving too (microsoft).

seems like google waver there tos for big sites breaking rules....
Re: Policy violations? theanythingplace 4/24/11 10:25 PM
If any site is breaking the rules it will most likely be discovered by Adsense, and you can always report the site in the meantime.  There are so many sites on the net though, so it does probably take time for adsense to go through each possible violation.  However, I know they are very good at catching accounts against their policy, so I wouldn't worry.
Re: Policy violations? saimakhan111 7/1/12 1:58 AM
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