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Case of Copyrights and Plagiarism

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Case of Copyrights and Plagiarism abragg 7/1/12 3:29 AM
i have a case of website abuse, copyrights infringement and plagiarism against the website at
this used to be the website of NAFDAC(Nigeria agency regulating the use of food and drugs). with new government policy that every government website must be on the domain, the agency created a new site at and asked the old webmaster to shut down the old website that contains outdated information.

the webmaster who is no longer at his last known physical address decided to monetised this website with google adsense and is making money with the huge unsuspecting traffic that goes there.

this is causing the agency untold embarrasment and wants this site shut down, we are working on that but want the site removed from google and partners search engines and also the adsense removed.

this old site ranks higher in the search engines because of its age. this is totally unacceptable to NAFDAC
Re: Case of Copyrights and Plagiarism Gracey 7/1/12 6:03 AM
You should file a DMCA notice, giving the information you've stated above.

Use this form to complain to Adsense:

You may also want to ask for help at Webmaster Tools to see if you can get the old URL de-indexed, since you are the owners of the original site.

If you also own the old domain name, you should ask your registrar for help in redirecting the domain name.