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my web site is wide

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my web site is wide bengey 6/16/12 6:22 AM

Could someone please advise me how to change the size of my ad
it wont let me

and also (you can tell im new) but the set up confuses me i have put a name but where do i put the other description
 of my web site.

thank you


Re: my web site is wide Gracey 6/16/12 9:50 AM
The only way to get a different ad size is to create a new ad unit.

I'm not sure what you mean by you put a name, but don't know where to put the other description.

The ad name is really just a way for you to know what the ad was for - if you use something like "mywebsite-homepage", you'd know just by looking at the ad in your adsense account that was where you put it.

I'm not sure what "description" you mean.