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Payment of closed AdSense Account

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Payment of closed AdSense Account awesomesirius 4/28/12 12:45 PM

  My friend adsense account reached about $ 60 and he wants to close it to withdraw earned amount.
  The Western Union Quick is best option, but i have a issue in past with my account.... just want to know is it fixed yet ?
  When i closed my account with Western Union Quick Cash set as default payment method, google sent my payment through it but as i couldn't access my account, there was no way i could get the   payment pin....but somehow it was solved after google employe read it.

I want to know is this issue fixed now? WIll google email about the payment pin....


Re: Payment of closed AdSense Account gddsmith 4/28/12 3:56 PM
They're supposed to & I haven't seen a post recently of anyone having that problem. However that's no guarantee that there won't be any problems. About all they can do is close the account but make sure they keep the email address at least until after they get the payment. If they do have a problem they can post to this forum & a TC will flag their post for assistance (that's how you rec'd assistance when you had a problem).