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AdSense Ads Are Not Displaying

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AdSense Ads Are Not Displaying mtodaro21 5/21/12 5:13 PM
I've been using AdSense for awhile and never had an issue until a few weeks ago when my ads stopped displaying. I thought maybe it was an issue with low traffic for some of the sites until I checked the domains in the adsense sandbox (they worked great there).

Is there any reason ads would suddenly stop displaying? I do not remember receiving any email from Google about this before it happened.

Thank you!

Re: AdSense Ads Are Not Displaying TomNJ 5/21/12 7:50 PM
Lots of reasons ads could stop displaying. If ads are being shown in the sandbox it doesn't sound like your account or websites were disabled. Did you make any changes to your website recently?
Re: AdSense Ads Are Not Displaying mtodaro21 5/21/12 9:50 PM
No, that is why I am so confused. I haven't changed anything on the website in a couple of months.
Re: AdSense Ads Are Not Displaying TomNJ 5/22/12 6:27 AM
Can you provide an example url?
Re: AdSense Ads Are Not Displaying lbdarling2 5/22/12 6:33 AM
I'm having the same problem and I've had ad sense for 2 years. ads. It works on this page but when I try to put the code on nearly ANY other page...nada.  I'd love to cancel my account but not looking forward to Google holding onto money it owes me just for general purposes.  If anyone has any clues I'd be grateful especially since these 'people' can't be bothered to address problems they create themselves. Yes, I'm a little bit angry. :)
Re: AdSense Ads Are Not Displaying mtodaro21 5/22/12 8:12 AM is one of the urls. The other is but I took down all of the Google ads and replaced them with affiliate ads.
Re: AdSense Ads Are Not Displaying TomNJ 5/22/12 10:23 AM
I've seen this sort of thing happen when there's some error in the HTML or other javascript on the page. Usually a missing end quote or mismatched quotes like <a href="/>Home</a> or something like that but nothing jumps out at me as being wrong. Those problems are usually hard to spot.

Here's what I recommend you do.

Create a very simple HTML page that contains no javascript whatsoever other than the javascript of an ad unit. Use one of your existing ad codes and maybe try adding a newly created ad unit as well.

Make sure the HTML is valid and upload it to your website and check to see if it shows the ads. If you create a new ad unit it might take a few minutes for that to show. If you see the ads on that page, then there's something wrong with the HTML/js on your pages.

If not make sure you're not blocking too many types of ads in various ways and that your sites are in the allowed list of sites if you're using that feature.

Also go into your adsense performance reports and look at the "Ad units" report selected from the left menu. In the data table pay attention to two important columns, "Ad Requests" and "Coverage".

Make sure ad requests sort of matches your page requests. If not, adsense there's something wrong in the way the adsense javascript is trying to pull in ads.

If coverage is 0% or very low (for ad units, link units are normally low) then there's something wrong with adsense trying to select relevant ads for your site.

Sorry that doesn't answer your question but I hope it helps you out a little.
Re: AdSense Ads Are Not Displaying mtodaro21 10/20/12 1:08 PM
Just for those that come across this thread...

The problem wasn't with anything in my sites. Apparently I had reached a payment threshold that required me to verify some information (address, email, phone number, etc.) Google changed the interface a bit for AdSense and it will now display a prominent alert so that you are aware of this when you get to that point.