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Adsense account diapproved

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Adsense account diapproved Abrham 6/20/12 5:57 AM
I have a blog dedicated for photos taken by me.I applied for ad-sense but I got the reply like ` Unacceptable site content ` Please help me!  This is my blog
Re: Adsense account diapproved Dan B. 6/20/12 6:02 AM
AdSense partners with sites that are substantial TEXT content...your site is not a good match to work with the AdSense system.
Re: Adsense account diapproved i4c 6/20/12 6:16 AM
Further to the above "Unacceptable site content" doesn't necessarily mean there's anything wrong with the content just that its not acceptable as far as Adsense is concerned. The Adsense program requires a lot of written content (text) so sites with lots of images (however good) without lots of accompanying text don't get accepted.

If you wanted to try again you have have to (a) give each photo a substantial alt tag but more importantly give each photo a good paragraph of written text either describing the photo itself or something related a bit like you've done at