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How can I submit a 'change of address' to a subdomain?

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How can I submit a 'change of address' to a subdomain? Dave Chase 1/7/10 1:21 PM
I am trying to tighten up a companies web presence by bringing a separate site they run under their main site as a sub domain. The content of both are related but different enough to warrant a sub domain instead of a sub directory. So, I followed google's change of address protocol and moved the content, set up 301 redirects etc and then verified the new sub domain. However, the sub domain does not show up as an option in the change of address section. I understand why you cannot submit a change of address for a sub domain but why not to a sub domain?

Either way, how should I proceed? Do I delete the original domain from webmaster tools?
Re: How can I submit a 'change of address' to a subdomain? Chibcha 1/7/10 2:01 PM
Hi Dave

This is specified in:

Make sure that your new site is not a subdomain

Believe there has been an odd post suggesting this may changeĀ in the future but looks to be out for now.

In any event, the change of address is only an additional hint. Possible that may speed the process but the 301 redirect is the core need, so wouldn't let the lack of this extra stop your intentions. You don't have to delete the old domain, if you want to keep that verified you will need to post the meta tag in the head of page you are redirecting to.