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Re: *Uploading large files (20gb) and resumable/recoverable uploading with IE, Firefox, and Chrome

MissWeatherballoon Oct 20, 2011 1:04 PM
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Categories: Uploading videos :

I got chrome, chrome+, IE and i just installed silverlight(i removed it previously because of the utter uselessness and slowness and user-unfriendlyness of the common microsoft software (and i couldnt figure out why it even existed and what its use was)- like it takes ages before the msn homepage is finished loading after logging out my emailaccount, slowing down the whole pc for quite a while and after those ages you get total nonsense ''news' and adds and everything that is nothing at all, i.e. The character of microsoft)
 I'm not much of a pc expert and i CANNOT FIND ANYWHERE WHERE IT IS CLEARLY(!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) stated that Microsoft Silverlight(Why in gods name would you have a nonsense harddisk memory using program like that on your pc, please tell me!!) is ''ENABLED''
 In fact i encounter none of the problems discussed on this forum,
 my uploadpage looks completely different from all the examples given here and nothing that should be there is actually there.
 I can upload longer than 15 mins, but that message is on top of the page,
 i have NEVER registered my account,
 i see no silverlight references anywhere,
i have no optionmenu-something to upload a bigger file than 2gb. 

But it starts a 19 gb upload...only it says it takes 31.000(give or take) minutes. I tried to upload the 19gb vid WITHOUT Silverlight and it started too, only then it said it would take 8.000 minutes. 

So.. How do i KNOW when my Chrome (not Chrome+) is running with Silverlight in order to be able to upload, restart and all that *NEW* stuff a <20GB file?

By the way i cannot "check" wheter i have silverlight by the given link(somewhere else on this helpdeskforum, because my pc happily installs silverlight for the second time. And i see no buttons that imply a check)
And in the mean time i restarted the pc multiple times

Im uploading the 19gb currently. It is at 2% after an hour(silverlight downloaded and installed, but enabled??? who knows) It didnt resume like it is promised here.