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Re: Give Feedback: Playlists

copycat042 Mar 15, 2012 11:43 AM
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Maybe we are going about this the wrong way. It is obvious that the people in charge of the new design have particular goals in mind and that features which they believe will achieve those goals must be present in the final design. Most of our feedback has fallen into two categories:

1. YouTube sucks, you have no right, this is censorship, etc. (if this is all you have, please don't post in feedback. you are making it harder for the rest of us to be taken seriously)

2. I would like this specific feature, and not this other specific feature.

I would like to propose a way to compromise with the designers to allow them to achieve their design goals AND enable you to use youtube in the way that is most comfortable for you.

Answer 5 questions, in as much detail as you wish.

1. How do you want to use YouTube? (including what you care about and what you don't care about)

2. What aspects of the old design made that easier?

3. What aspects of the old design made that more difficult, or impossible?

4. What aspects of the new design make that easier?

5. What aspects of the new design make that more difficult, or impossible?

The next time the YT moderators post a "give us your feedback" thread, copy your answers to these questions into that thread. If they are unwilling to reverse the changes, we might, at least, be able to get something we can use.

I will start.

1. I used the homepage as a sort of video podcast feed aggregator. I would visit the homepage and see a list, sorted by channel, of all the new videos that my subscriptions had uploaded recently. When I watched these videos, I would remove them from the page, so I knew what I had not watched. I would sometimes remove videos without watching them.

The individual video pages were where I commented, and attempted more in-depth discussion about the videos and ideas presented within the videos.

I never visited my channel page.
I rarely visited anyone else's channel page.
I do not care to visit anyone else's channel page.
I do not care to socialize on youtube.
I do not care what others are doing, watching, or "like"ing, other than to evaluate whether I want to watch a specific video.
I do not care what youtube recommends for me to watch, or subscribe to.
I do not care what other videos are popular or trending.

2. The old design aggregated my subscriptions in a manner that used the screen space efficiently, and allowed me to remove individual videos, to keep the clutter down. I don't remember if you could hide the recommended videos, because I never looked at that side of the page (it was wasted screen space).

3. On the watch pages, the character limit made it difficult to explain complex ideas and it was difficult to follow an in-depth discussion due to the threading format.

4. No element of the new design makes any of the ways I use youtube easier.

5. The new design makes removing individual videos from the homepage impossible. The layout does not use screen space efficiently and makes it impossible to tell which videos I have already seen. more than half of the screen width is taken up by elements which I have no interest in and which I cannot hide.