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YouTube problem?!

SpiteSire May 28, 2012 8:33 PM
Posted in group: YouTube Help Forum
*I use FireFox*
About a week ago, I would try to watch a Youtube video but only a black screen would appear where the video player usually is, and no controls. A message is on top of the screen and it says something about updating my browser to Adobe Flash Player or to HTML browser. I've did both, I've tried installing and unstalling. Nothing's working. I've even tried to restore my computer-- nothing. & I've tried to download Google Chrome but I still couldn't watch any videos. The weird thing is, YouTube works fine when I use my Internet Explorer browser. Videos play fine. What's going on?! Why's this happening?? I've also tried to send Google feedback about the problem I'm having at least 5 times but they haven't responded yet.

I've tried to Google the problem and see if I could find out what's going on, and I found out that a lot of other people are having this problem as well. Can I get this fixed somehow?????? Please????